Eachine & ATOMRC Seal Wing G1500 Review

Eachine ATOMRC

There are so many RC planes in the world. Some of them are great for beginners while others are for serious pilots. If you are a beginner, try Eachine & ATOMRC Seal Wing G1500. This aircraft is one of the first generation aircraft models which is known for its dominant appearance and outstanding features. This masterpiece dominated the skies in the early 1900’s. The classic sailplane design and good planning capabilities make it ideal for those with average piloting skills and want great detail and performance at scale.


The Design

Eachine & ATOMRC Seal Wing G1500 RC uses high-impact EPP construction material, built-in carbon fiber reinforcement and high impact resistance. Eachine & ATOMRC Seal Wing G1500 RC Airplanes use 2212 1400KV motor, high-efficiency blades, full power, high precision and high torque. With a wingspan of 1100mm, it is not suitable for flying in small indoor spaces such as gyms, so it is best to fly outdoors. Depending on the conditions and how much gas you use, you’ll get about 60 minutes of flight time! With a control range of almost 200 meters, it allows you to climb, accelerate and slide back down! There are air conditioning ducts that help limit the amount of heat in the fuselage.



Eachine & ATOMRC Seal Wing G1500 is powered by a 1400KV motor that provides powerful yet efficient propulsion for a longer flight time of up to 60 minutes, giving you the ability to spend less time charging and more time flying. Made of impact-resistant EPP composite material. This plane is very powerful just in case you have a minor accident with an unsuspecting tree! Steering is adjustable, e.g. H. You can change the direction of the airflow over the wings, which allows the aircraft to make different movements. The moves you can improve include 360-degree rotations, spirals, and even cycles! This aircraft is equipped with everything you need, including a 2.4 GHz transmitter, so you can fly multiple aircraft in one area without interference.



The Eachine & ATOMRC Seal wing G1500 is one RC airplane that you will really want to try out. Not only is the design captivating, but it also performs outstandingly and it is easy to pilot. Go get yours today from Banggood and you won’t regret it.

Eachine & ATOMRC Seal Wing G1500 Review
Article Name
Eachine & ATOMRC Seal Wing G1500 Review
There are so many ways you can have fun within your neighbourhood and piloting an RC Airplane is one of them. One of the remarkable RC Airplane you can ever pilot is the Eachine & ATOMRC seal wing G1500.

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