Esky 300 V2 RC Helicopter: The Best Choice for Beginners

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The ESKY 300 V2 RC helicopter is the perfect indoor and outdoor helicopter for any novice pilot enthusiast who is ready to test the single-rotor engines of coaxial helicopters and multi-rotor drones. Its simple fixed-patch rotor head and 6 DOF FXZ control system allow you to achieve high levels of stability and efficiency even outdoors. Even experienced single-rotor pilots will find the ESKY 300V2 much better if you have a time, place or time that prevents you from flying in a larger helicopter.

rc helicopter

The Design

This helicopter is composed of plastic, metal and fiberglass. 310 mm long, 42 mm wide and 88 mm high, with a flying weight of 123 grams. The body of this ESKY 300 V2 is based on this famous helicopter and is a great combination of size and performance for a ready-to-fly model. A direct-drive tail motor power system is used to improve performance and response.
The helicopter is the perfect next step for any coaxial helicopter pilot ready to test a single rotor engine. Its simple fixed-pitch rotor head and flybarless stabilization system, abbreviated as ASFS, are specially designed to ensure maneuverability at high speeds while maintaining the stability of the coaxial helicopter in the event of a shutdown. It is very clear that this helicopter has a beautiful and openwork design.

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This ESKY 300V2 RC helicopter is equipped with a professional transmitter which allows you to take complete control over the flight of this helicopter. With the help of this transmitter, you can adjust the speed, direction and movement of this helicopter, as well as change speed, trim direction and much more. This professional transmitter is very useful and practical.

esky 300v2


Flying this helicopter is very interesting. If you have this helicopter, you can fly it up and down, back and forth, left and right, and you can make it fly and taxi too. Various actions and movements can be performed with this helicopter. Surely this helicopter is very interesting to fly and can bring you a lot of fun flying.

rc helicopter


The Esky 300 V2, in my opinion, is just a great little micro RC helicopter for beginners looking to occupy the collective terrain at some point. Strong, well constructed, works and flies well, cheap, spare parts are also cheap and easy to get. This drone is available for purchase on Banggood at a very affordable rate.

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Esky 300 V2 RC Helicopter: The Best Choice for Beginners
Article Name
Esky 300 V2 RC Helicopter: The Best Choice for Beginners
ESKY is a popular brand known for its eye-catching RC toys. It has released another RC helicopter and that is the ESKY 300 V2 RC helicopter. In this article, we will be examining what this toy has to offer.

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