LYZRC L900 Pro: Mini 4K RC Drone Under 250g

Lyzrc L900

The LYZRC L900 Pro drone comes with really cool features for less than $200. It has a comfortable Mavic backpack design with folding arms, 4K camera and dual positioning system (GPS + OFP). Read on as we explore what this drone has to offer.


The Design

So the LYZRC L900 Pro drone is very similar to its predecessor in design, it is a foldable drone which is probably the most popular type of consumer drone due to its lightweight and ultra-portable design. As a foldable drone, the L900 Pro is easy to transport, which also makes it a great drone for travelling.
It’s not a very large drone and it’s also quite light at just under 350 grams, although it is a light drone at 213.8 grams.



One of the main features of any drone is the camera and this is the main reason for its huge popularity.

As I mentioned at the start of this article, the camera on this drone is a bit over the top, it’s not a true 4K camera, and it can’t capture professional-quality video or photos.

I don’t think anyone would expect to buy a drone with a professional camera for less than $200 so I don’t know why they are overestimating the drone’s camera capabilities on the product description page.

Considering for under $200, it’s a pretty good camera stabilized by a 2-axis gimbal which means it will reduce flicker and jelly and make your videos clearer.

Images are shot in 1080p but interpolated to 4K by the app, quality is decent, especially for a cheap drone.

Video is recorded in HD quality at 25 frames per second, the quality is quite good for this type of drone, although you will see some distortion even with the gimbal, for the price I think the quality is okay.


The camera has a micro SD card slot. So if you want to record in the best video resolution, you need to record on a micro SD card. Unfortunately, you don’t get it with the drone package, so you have to buy it separately.

Live video transmission is of fairly good quality, although the official range for video transmission is 800 meters, more than that it is about 600 meters.

Flight Performance

Flying this drone is quite easy to fly, the default flight mode is a headless mode which is great for beginners as you don’t have to worry about the drone’s orientation. Most of the features work fine, although sometimes you’ll have issues with Smart Flight Mode and FPV as the app crashes sometimes. Flight time is about 28 minutes, which is less than advertised but still good for a cheap drone.

Lyzrc L900

Other Features

While this drone is relatively inexpensive, it has several advanced features that make it more enjoyable to fly. It includes a smart flight mode, where you can control the drone completely hands-free so you can concentrate on making better videos and photos.

These flight modes include:

Smart mode – the drone will follow you from a maximum distance of 30 meters

Orbit mode – drone orbits points of interest

Flight Touch Mode – In this mode, you can draw a flight route in the app and the drone will automatically fly this route.

In addition to the above flight modes, the drone is also available with a motion control mode that allows you to take videos and photos with the flick of your hand. It also comes with an auto-return feature that activates whenever the drone runs out of battery or you lose connection. This is a great feature that will reduce the risk of losing your drone.


There are lots of cheap drones with GPS out there, and the L900 Pro is one of the best out there. You can purchase one on Banggood at an affordable price.

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LYZRC L900 Pro: Mini 4K RC Drone Under 250g
Article Name
LYZRC L900 Pro: Mini 4K RC Drone Under 250g
Aerial recordings have never been this easy since the introduction of RC drones. There are several drones available at your disposal but in this article, I will be reviewing the lyzrc L900 Pro.

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