Wltoys K969 VS K989: Which Worth Buying

Wltoys K969

Remote-controlled cars add countless hours of fast-paced fun: be it at a local park, on a sandy beach, or in a worn-out shed just down your street. This gritty, scaled-down vehicle isn’t just built for breakneck speeds; they also have the same driving characteristics as their full-size alternative.

More modern models can offer some serious action. High-end RC cars are fast and tricky to control, and there are organized competitions for those who want to compete. Today we will compare two of the best RC racing cars, namely the Wltoys K969 and Wltoys K989.

RC Cars

The Design

Both the Wltoys K969 and K989 main bodies are made of aluminum; This ensures strong impact resistance and a strong impact resistant body that will not break if dropped from a height. The front and back of the body have strong impact protection to protect the body and frame effectively, regardless of whether they cover a large area, break or rollover in a narrow field, the body will not be damaged. The base is composed of high strength aluminum alloy with strong stability. Both come with zinc alloy with strong abrasion resistance. The impact tower is made of aluminum alloy for strong stability and long service life. Adopting hardware hydraulic shock absorbers, the performance of shock absorbers can be adjusted to suit multiple hours of terrain. The Wltoys K969 and K989 race cars can provide strong torque, which makes it easier for the car to perform difficult movements. They easily adapt to rough terrains such as beaches, snow, grass, mountain roads and rocky roads.



Wltoys K969 remote control car has a wireless control system operating at 2.4GHz frequency and a control distance of more than 100m, high performance 130 powerful kinetic motors, and a top speed of 30km/h. The engine is powerful, all-wheel drive, provides strong power, making it easier to move on rough roads, climbing unobstructed roads. 4 channel design, support forward / backward / turn left/turn right Easy operation, endless interest. The built-in powerful magnetic motor which is super powerful, powerful and highly efficient converts electrical energy into electricity to the maximum and the movement speed is up to 30 km / h.
In addition, this RC car is supported by 4 units. AA batteries (not included) and can provide up to 30 minutes of operating time.
The Wltoys K989 also has 2.4 GHz radio control and supports multiple race cars simultaneously. The engine and top speed of the K989 are the same as the K969.
In terms of battery life, the Wltoys uses a Li-Po 400 mAh battery that allows for 20 minutes of operation on a full charge.



These RC racing cars must be the best gift for kids. The Wltoys K969 and Wltoys K989 race cars can provide strong torque, which makes the car easier to perform difficult movements. Easily adaptable to difficult terrains such as beach, snow, grass, mountain roads and rocky roads. The main difference between them is that the Wltoys K969 has a more streamlined body than the K989. Both are great toys and are available at Banggood.

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Wltoys K969 VS K989: Which Worth Buying
Article Name
Wltoys K969 VS K989: Which Worth Buying
More and more companies are gradually going into the production of RC Cars but one of the best in the game is Wltoys. In this article, we will be comparing Wltoys K969 and the Wltoys K989.

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