Eachine Nano LR3 Racing Drone Review


Eachine launches the Nano LR3 FPV racing drone. Eachine is selling it as a long-range nano racing drone because of the excellent 2s 18650 battery that provides a 20-minute flight time. The Nano LR3 racing drone has a 3-inch frame and a 144mm wheelbase. All of these and many others are discussed in this review.


The Design

It is a small drone with only 144mm wheelbase, 3-inch propeller support and 14mm*14mm chamber size. This drone has a shell that looks like a spaceship. This drone only has one color, namely black.
The drone weighs just 97.4 g and is compact in size. This means it fits in the palm of your hand. There is also a camera on the drone’s head to take these aerial photos and videos.


Battery life and thus flight time are important when it comes to drones. Even though this Eachine Nano LR3 racing drone is small, it has a long battery life that can guarantee you more than 20 minutes of flight time. With a 2S 18650 battery, you’re sure to have fun for a long time.

More properties

The powerful 1303.5 motor can drive the 3-inch GeMFAN 3016 propeller. In addition, the Eachine Nano LR3 FPV racing drone is equipped with a CADDX nano ANT FPV camera with 1/3 1000TVL CMOS image sensor. It can also carry a naked GoPro or Insta360 GO 2 for high-definition aerial video footage.

The Nano LR3 FPV racing drone is available with integrated GPS technology. GPS M80 allows you to use all modes that require GPS technology. This increases security and activates the “home” function. In addition, the flight controller utilizes Betaflight 5A AIO 1-2S FC technology.


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Eachine Nano LR3 Racing Drone Review
Article Name
Eachine Nano LR3 Racing Drone Review
Some drones have extended flight time, some have cameras and others have powerful motors. This Eachine Nano LR3 drone we will be reviewing in this article, happen to possess all these features.

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