Jumper T-Lite: The World First Muliti-protocol Game Shape Remote Controller


The first rumors about the Jumper T-Lite transmitter surfaced in December 2020. The FPV community has long wanted a compact and versatile drone controller. Our review of Jumper T-Lite covers unboxing, controls, compatibility, user experience, and competitors.
Besides the cool gamepad style, the nice thing about T-Lite is that it works with the OpenTX firmware, the most popular operating system for radio stations. The T-Lite is the smallest and lightest Jumper RC remote control.


The Design

The T-Lite radio has a similar shape to the Xbox One controller. It has a nice soft finish which gives the feeling of a high-quality product. The front panel has 2 control bars, 15 buttons, a loudspeaker, a status LCD, and a power LED. Honestly, I don’t know how this LED passed the test team; so bright that it will blind you and make the control buttons difficult to see. Flying through FPV goggles shouldn’t be a problem, but it’s not fun during the setup process. The transmitter has a dimension of 66x106x56mm and weighs about 250 grams with a charged battery.
At the top of the transmitter, there are 4 arm switches, 3.5 mm training port, USB Type-C charging/data port, Micro SD slot, SMA antenna connector, and two holes for attaching an FPV monitor. When you connect the T-Lite to your computer via USB, you will be asked if you want to select the HID joystick mode (for the drone simulator) or the storage mode (card reader). It comes with haptic feedback (vibration) as standard, but can also be configured with sound signals by loading the appropriate .wav audio file onto a micro SD card.



The Hall sensor gimbal is very smooth and has removable edges that allow it to be replaced with a larger or rubberized one. All important buttons are arranged around a 1.3-inch LCD screen. You have Enter, Back Left, Up and Down Right, System, and Down Mode. Use the MDL button to switch between model setting pages (1-12).
There are two arm levers on each side of the controller. SWA & SWB (front) are 3 position switches and SWC & SWD (rear) are 2 position switches.



The Pro version arrives with a multi-protocol JP4IN1 module and is compatible with most drone communication protocols, including popular drone toy brands like Syma and Hubsan. In contrast, the Basic Edition has an inexpensive CC2500 RF transceiver with limited compatibility.


This radio is powered by 18650 cells which you can swap if necessary. I recommend using a high-quality, large capacity of 18650 cells and maybe getting one as a replacement. Cases for two 18650 batteries are included, the cells themselves are not.



The T-Lite is equipped with a dipole antenna and when you first disassemble the radio you will find a sticker on it to remind you not to turn it on without the antenna connected or you can burn the indoor unit. I think this is a very nice touch and very comfortable for beginners.


The T-lite jumper is definitely a great choice if you’re just starting out and a perfect choice if you especially like to fly. This wonderful remote control is available for purchase at the Banggood 15th Anniversary Sales which starts August 25th and ends September 13th. During the Sale, you can buy products at the lowest price and get up to 85% Off. Banggood is the global leading online shop; passion shopping on Banggood.

Jumper T-Lite: The World First Muliti-protocol Game Shape Remote Controller
Article Name
Jumper T-Lite: The World First Muliti-protocol Game Shape Remote Controller
Getting a remote controller is as important as the drone itself, and that is the reason we will be reviewing this remote controller so that you will have an insight into what it offers its users.

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