Eachine EAT10 RC Car: The Best Brushless RC Car

Eachine Eat10 RC Car

RC cars give incalculable long periods of expedient fun: be it at the neighborhood leave, a sandy sea shore or that neglected distribution center toward the finish of your road. These little downsized vehicles aren’t just about amazingly quick paces; they additionally have similar driving qualities of their full-sized other options. When talking about the best brushless RC Car, the Eachine Eat10 rings a bell. Now, let’s dive straight in and see what this RC brings to the table.

Eachine Eat10 RC Car

The Design and Build

This extraordinary looking 1/8 scale 4WD sea shore cart is ideal for more youthful children since it doesn’t go excessively quick and is exceptionally simple to deal with. It’s ideal for indoor use and on Tarmac, yet will battle on long grass and rough terrain territory that isn’t generally smooth and bump free.

The Eachine Eat10 is flawlessly fabricated utilizing the greatest materials. It includes a very intense aluminum frame, aluminum stuns and wheels, curiously large steel gears and a humongous brushless engine. The vehicle is collected at the production line so it’s basically prepared to run.

Eachine Eat10 RC Car

The Eachine Eat10 has a car size of 24x19x10cm and a weight of 1076g which is quite okay for an RC car.


The brushless electric rc car is constrained by a 2.4GHz radio and it’s controlled by four AA batteries. Changes that you can make with it are choke and guiding trim, choke and controlling switching, and double rate. The third channel is worked by pressing the button on the front of the radio. The remote distance of the controller is 80m.

Eachine Eat10 RC Car

The Eachine Eat10 RC Car runs on a 2440kv brushless motor and the battery that powers the car is a 1200mAh Li-ion capacity battery. This battery can provide you with a a 20-25 minutes play time.

According to Eachine Eat10 RC car an run up to a maximum speed of 40km/h; this speed is fair enough considering its a monster truck and not a race car.

This RC monster truck is an all weather vehicle that can run on sand, grass, track, and gravel.

Product Advantages

1.  High-speed 4-wheel drive

2. Fully waterproof

3. 2.4Ghz remote control

4. 20-25 minutes play time

5. Brushless Motor

6. Run on difficult surfaces



Overall, the Eachine Eat10 RC Car is a powerful 4WD high-speed monster truck that can give you the adventure you desire. Kids are loving it and adult too; so what are you waiting for? Go get yours today Banggood which is the global leading online shop; passion shopping on Banggood.


Eachine EAT10 RC Car: The Best Brushless RC Car
Article Name
Eachine EAT10 RC Car: The Best Brushless RC Car
Adult or Child, RC Cars are fun toys to have. Eachine have known for producing wonderful drones, but this time they are released an RC monster truck and in this article we are going to review the new Eachine Eat10 RC Car.

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