HG P480 RC Car Review



Great shock rubber tires and absorbers let this rough vehicle creep over all way of deterrents. This HG P408 RC Car has an amazing brushless engine and accompanies one battery included, which gives 10 to 15 minutes of fast run time.

There are two speed modes: Use the more slow mode (20 kph) when you’re figuring out how to work the vehicle. Also, the lower speed alternative is excessively helpful for more youthful children who are figuring out how to drive a RC vehicle interestingly. With a maximum velocity of 30 kph, notwithstanding, this isn’t too quick a vehicle. In HG P408 review we will be looking at what makes this RC Car unique.


The Design

I like the plan on this HG P408 model, with its LED lights and rough form. As you acquire progressed abilities, you can sharpen abilities like floating, flipping, and handling steep slopes.

The Car has a size of 472*227*267mm, a wheel base of 329mm, wheel distance across of 100mm and a wheel width of 38mm.

The RC arrives in a Camouflage green color. Something wonderful about it is that its rooftop can be segregated and changed into a convertible.



  • Four-wheel drive low speed, four-wheel drive rapid can be distantly controlled
  • ESC with brake/no brake work switch
  • 9g hanging gear servo can be distantly worked to change gear position
  • All vehicle shut stuff dust proof transmission 2 speed medium wave box
  • Front and back pivot differentials can be physically bolted
  • Twofold fork autonomous suspension framework for the entire vehicle
  • High force side wheel, decrease proportion 1:1.4
  • Huge stroke cushion water powered stun damper, recreated elastic tires
  • High recreation metal trapezoidal casing and metal suspension
  • Variable stroke all inclusive joint shaft drive framework



This rugged RC Car is really “the bomb.” From its design to its performance, every thing is superb. If you are considering getting an RC car then the HG P480 is the perfect choice for you. To purchase, visit Banggood.com which is the global leading online shop; buy good on Banggood.

HG P480 RC Car Review
Article Name
HG P480 RC Car Review
RC Cars are more than just toys these days and with various new brand coming up with new designs it is gaining more popularity. In this article we will be looking at how good the HG P408 RC Car is.

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