SKYZONE SKY04X:The First Skyzone goggle With Focus Adjustment


Skyzone’s most recent OLED FPV Goggles, the SKYZONE SKY04X, beats other FPV Googles from numerous points of view. In spite of the fact that the two of them have a similar 1280×960 showcase offering a huge 46° FOV, the SKY04X has more easy to use includes that are difficult to miss.


The Design

The Skyzone SKY04X has a more extensive head strap than the one that accompanies the other FPV Googles, For me it’s safer and agreeable to wear. I see a many individuals with the other Googles spent extra to get a more extensive tie like the Skyzone’s.

Two sorts of face plate are accommodated diverse face profiles. You additionally get two faceplate froth stack of various material. They adhere to the face plate by Velcro, so it’s not difficult to eliminate or supplant.


It has every one of the typical connectors you’d expect on a very good quality FPV Goggles: HDMI input, AV in/out, Headphone jack for sound yield (tune in to engine sound during flight), USB-C for force and firmware update, head tracker yield, and force input.


The SKY04X can be powered from a 2S – 6S LiPo, essentially most FPV drone batteries you have should simply work. It likewise upholds 5V power through the USB-C information, so you can utilize your powerbank in the event that you need.

I truly like this long XT60 link they give, so I can place this weighty battery in my pocket and not tie it close to my head.

External Module Bay

The Skyzone SKY04X OLED FPV Googles is intended to house two variety modules for “quad-versity” to improve signal reception. I still can’t seem to test this (a later post maybe) yet it’s decent that it’s conceivable with the 04X.


IPD and Focal Adjustment

The Skyzone SKY04X has IPD adjustment, just as focal adjustment! Other FPV Googles likewise has this component and it is great for people who are near sighted. By aletring focal length, at this point you don’t require any extraordinary diopter lenses to install in the goggles.

Regardless of whether you don’t wear glasses, you’d be amazed how much more clear the picture can get by changing it simply a smidgen (as everybody’s visual perception are marginally unique).

Yet, what the SKY04X shows improvement over the HDO2 is the more extensive change range. Typically in other goggles it goes from – 6 to +2, however the SKY04X can go up to +6, which help the individuals who wear understanding glasses.

The IPD of the SKY04X measures around 59mm – 70mm, somewhat not exactly the 58mm-70mm advertised range.


This Skyzone FPV Googles is very affordable and available at Banggood which is the global leading online shop; buy good on banggood.

SKYZONE SKY04X:The First Skyzone goggle With Focus Adjustment
Article Name
SKYZONE SKY04X:The First Skyzone goggle With Focus Adjustment
FPV Googles is increasingly becoming popular and there are various models out there in the market from different brand. Today, I want to review the SKYZONE SKY04X and see what new features it possesses.

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