Xiaomi Fimi Palm Review: Is it worth buying?

fimi palm


At the point when you’re a Xiaomi admirer and you’re searching for a drone: Xiaomi accompanied their phantom options. Later on, these drones came out under the brand: Fimi. Fimi is an organization in partnership with Xiaomi. Be that as it may, the camera of this drone is incredible. And now the best part: Fimi is accompanied by a handheld gimbal camera. A pocket 4k camera on a gimbal with a touchscreen.

fimi palm

The Build Quality and Design

Regarding size and design, it is fundamentally the same as some other Gimbal camera, however, it has an obvious greater LCD screen, which is a decent extra. Initially, another distinction is the built-in tripod mount which permits us to utilize extension rods or to join a smartphone holder on the off chance that you need a considerably bigger live-view screen.

Estimating just 1.2 x 0.89 x 5 inches and weighing 4.23 ounces will find a way into your pocket serenely. The 4K camera itself sits at the top, mounted on a 3 engine instrument. As gimbals are somewhat delicate commonly, FIMI incorporates a plastic protector with their Palm.

fimi palm

Camera quality

The Fimi Palm has a 12MP Sony sensor that is fit for recording in 4k :). The photographs are saved in jpeg or can be saved in raw format. Video are recorded in 4K at 30fps/25fps or 1080p at 60/50fps in the NTSC/PAL standard. Codecs that can be picked are H264 and H265. I favor h265 on account of the better compression (smaller disk space).

The camera is very okay yet has no flashlights for photographs taken in dark places; take that into consideration.

fimi palm

Battery and Usability

A Palm gimbal camera is not the same as an action cam. Anyway, it would be frequently placed side by side with it. It possesses a superior gimbal and therefore smoother recordings, but an action cam has quite a good number of accessories that are made for outrageous circumstances. An action cam can be mounted on bikes, cars, goes beneath the water, but recording a video blog of strolling on your days off is simpler with a palm gimbal. The battery is from 1000 mAh ready to guarantee as long as 4 hours of utilization.

fimi palm

User Experience

It just requires 3 seconds to turn on and be operational. Simply a swipe down to effectively get to all the settings, one towards the other to open the gallery and side swipes to change modes. We pass by video, photo, slow-motion, time-lapse e panorama, every one of which can work consequently or to effortlessly modify at least one shooting parameters. What’s more, the shutter button with a triple-click turns the lens in mode Selfie with the face acknowledgment which works more than acceptably while with a double-tap it is restored to the default position in the wake of collaborating with the joystick. In the different settings, you can pick the activity of the gimbal, regardless of whether to lock it on one, two, or every one of the three axes and the speed of responsiveness and movement of the developments can be customized. All management of the Fimi Palm can be overseen remotely through the application Fimi Play.


The basic activity of the Fimi palm gimbal camera won’t scare beginners simply getting into YouTube content creation or even children who have developed an interest in video creation. Travelers will likewise like the size of this camera. Moving from a huge telephone gimbal, it has an immense difference! Always have it in mind that the best quality gimbal camera and other gadgets are available for purchase at Banggood.com

Xiaomi Fimi Palm Review: Is it worth buying?
Article Name
Xiaomi Fimi Palm Review: Is it worth buying?
Xiaomi over the years has been consistent in delivering top-notch gadgets. This time it the Fimi palm gimbal camera and in this article, we are going to be having a complete review on what this gadget has to offer.

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