Taranis QX7 Comprehensive Review

Taranis QX7

The Taranis Plus is being made a standard in the mini quad community and the Leisure pursuit in general. It is a highly recommended model for someone just starting in FPV, or even an already practicing users looking to try FrSky solutions. This radio is compatible with a lot of Frsky receivers.

Taranis QX7
The QX7 has an appealing look. It’s a little bit bigger and wider than its predecessor. The sliders on the side are good for camera gimbals. This version features room sensor gimbals and the PARA function for a wireless trainer, making it compatible with the FrSky Free Link app and AirLink S, while the wired training port is still retained.
There are several ways for powering the QX7. It can either use a LiPo, 18650 cells, or a NiMh battery pack. Generally, 18650 cells have a power density similar to LiPos, are rather nontoxic, and don’t take as much time to charge as the NiMh packs do. The connector inside the battery compartment is a 2-3S balancing socket. You can use the 2-3S battery or AA batteries; just make sure it has the right balance port connector. For safety, it would recommend the 2S.
The Screen
The screen is tiny and it has a lower resolution. To turn it on is a little bit of a task as well, you have to press it, and to turn it off it’s a long press. It’s way easier using the switch. The QX7 LCD Screen has a slightly lower resolution than Taranis X9D which is obvious right away. There is no choice to change backlight color, it is something between blue and green.
It has fewer switches compared to other devices, but they are switches that you would use on a mini quad. Not so bad right? 3 switches with 3 positions and 1 switch with 2 positions. Preferably, having 1 more 2 position switch instead of a 3 position switch would be of an advantage. Then there are the potentiometers; one doesn’t Center one does Center and below the headphone jack and trainer port.
In conclusion, the FrSky Taranis QX7 remains the best choice for a budget FPV radio system. There are other radios out there that are better than it for just a little bit more money, but the Taranis QX7 stands out and has proved itself more than worthy of consideration for FPV.

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