Eachine EX5 Quadcopter Review

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The Eachine EX5 Quadcopter is very small, simple to carry and at an exceptionally low-price drone. It is a foldable drone with an excellent angle, precisely equivalent to the well-known DJI Mavic Mini.

The drone accompanies numerous excellent features like a double GPS system, an HD camera, autonomous flight modes, and an optical stream sensor. A fascinating element of this robot is that you can stream a live film to your cell phone. It has an incredible battery that offers you an absolute flight season of 30 minutes and a major transmission scope of 1km.

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As we said before, the Eachine EX5 Quadcopter comes with a design like the DJI Mavic small-scale drone with a size of 85mm x 140mm x 57mm and with a weight of 229 grams. Having this size, weight, and foldable, it is challenging to convey anyplace you need, and you don’t need to stress over the space where to put it since it can fit impeccably in a little bag.

The outside of this small drone is made out of top-notch ABS, offering it an extraordinary assurance, and you can be confident that the inside parts are very much ensured. You can buy the EX5 in white or silver-tone, both of the colors look incredible on it, giving it a stunningly sparkling look just like the Skye drone.

This drone uses a brushless engine so that you can fly it 2 or 3 times, and the engine will not overheat.

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It accompanies a good camera that can take high 4k photographs with a resolution of 3840 x 2160, and it captures videos at 25 frames for every second with the FPV resolution of 1080P. It is a very worthy goal thinking about its little cost.

The camera additionally comes with a FOV of 150 degrees. This complete point speaks to an extraordinary bit of leeway for the camera, offering you the opportunity to pick various points to get more prominent photographs and videos. Likewise, the camera changes vertically with a point of change of 90 degrees that you can change from the remote regulator.

Battery Life

Shockingly this drone accompanies a 7.5V 2200 mAh battery, which will give you around 30 minutes of flight time. To get a more vast flying experience, we recommend buying another battery; if the first is coming up short, you can switch it rapidly and begin flying once more. The part of purchasing a subsequent battery is significant because the charging season of this battery is 300 minutes, which is by all accounts somewhat long.

Flight modes

Flight modes are significant for a drone since they will help you make better videos; they are beneficial and give you lots of fun.

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Gesture shooting mode

You can take fascinating selfies and video films utilizing this mode. Demonstrating the palm to the drone, it will begin recording video and giving the triumph indication it will take selfie photographs for you.

GPS System and the Optical Positioning System

Having these two significant modes, you don’t need to stress any longer over losing your drone. Because of its GPS System, you will consistently know where your robot is the length of it is associated with the GPS on your cell phone.

Waypoint mode

Draw a path on the phone application, and the drone will follow it, and after that, it will return. It is an exceptionally accommodating mode for a drone with the goal for you to zero in on the nature of the photograph you need to take.

Orbit mode

It is perhaps the best mode that a drone can have. Pick a subject on the robot’s application, and the drone will begin making a hover around it, confronting the subject, offering you an incredible photograph and video film.

About the app

Discussing the drone’s application, we can say that it is a joy to use because of its effortlessness. It additionally presents to you loads of fun utilizing it in ordering the drone. It also accompanies unique features like photograph channels to utilize and video impacts to use for a superior and all the more fascinating video and photograph content.

Likewise, on the drone’s application, you will discover all the flight modes you can use for this robot, an enormous assortment of melodies for your video film, camera tilt highlights, and some more.


To summarize, in light of the data introduced in the above review, the Eachine EX5 Quadcopter is an inconceivable drone, to begin with as a robot enthusiast. All the features and the nature of the underlying materials show us that the drone merits its cost and is an ideal drone, to begin with. Utilizing this little, conservative, and safe drone without a doubt, you will have loads of fun, and it will offer you the photograph and video content you wanted to recall the best recollections. It is available on banggood.com for as low as US$111.99.

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