What Makes DJI Digital FPV System Worth it

DJI Digital FPV

Ease of use and the camera quality

Ease of use

The VTX and the receiver are a bit large and heavy compared to the typical FPV parts. The camera and the DJI unit weigh about 90 grams while the typical setup could weigh less if need be. There is no option other than to have the VTX and the camera because the receiver is also built into their unit. This chunky box gives some design challenges but it is small enough to tuck into a ‘4’ or ‘3’ drone but if know how it is built, it is better to get a ‘5’ drones or bigger as long as you can get the right frame for it.

DJI Digital FPV

Camera quality

It shoots a max output of 1080p at 60fps. The FPV pilots, this quality or actions cam so you have less weight to fly or be good enough to replace your GoPro. For people; looking for quality or cinematic people. This is not recommended for the primary option best for colour grading, quality in general, or stabilization. But if you want to backup to use it it is a great option.

Controller; Feel & Range


Compared to another controller it is a bit adjusted and has some improvement as the overall design and feel goes. The knobs need to be a bit short and the switches seem to be positioned odds. It would be good for some sort of screen to be adjusted in the controller and link to other quads with digital units.


The best thing about this controller is that it gives the best range compared to other controllers out there. A typical FPV setup may require a long-range setup like the TBS crossfire whereas with DJI you can just fly and bind and you can be able to get a pretty solid range without failsafe message or breaking up. The controller has a good battery life that can be recharged via USB-C.


The funny thing about the drone, it carries around controllers for each drone. Having one controller for the FRV drones, that can make life easy. The system is fun and reliable but by that, you cannot claim that it better than analog. Few analog systems stand up against the DJI digital FPV.

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