Review: WLToys 12428 ½ Scale Off-Road Buggy

WLToys 12428

The rock racers and the R/C buggies come in all sizes and shapes. And when you know what you want from the brand with the models, household name, and some brands, might leave you will a lot of questions in your mind. But there some of the surprises among the sea of ‘off-brand’ radio-controlled vehicles which includes: WLToys 1/12 scale12428 rock buggy. In its category, this one is a winner, and in this review, we will help you understand why that is the case;

WLToys 12428

The chasis & suspension

Now, the chasis construction of the WLToys 12428 is solid but it is tube-frame design, nylon. And bolted together in a way that makes it durable, inflexible, and tough. This feature is nice depending on how this buggy tends to roll/flip to depending on how hard you are driving it.

The body

Chasis has body panels that are solid. They are made from a thick polycarbonate, and they hold up to rolls, scapes, and tumbles that are caused by errant landings.

The tires and wheels

After seeing the tires on this buggy and give them a squeeze you definitely have doubts about the overall performance and the grip level. But when the rubber meets the road, it changes your mind because when the wheels turn, it does not appear to lack traction even a variety of surfaces.

The motor

The WLToys 12428 gets into actions upon the trigger-squeeze, more often than not lifting the front wheels off the ground in the process. The top-end speed of this buggy is pretty impressive as well.

The battery

This 1500mah lithium-ion pack that is included in this model is not short on power but it can put some good amount of power that can eagerly be devoured by the 12428’s motor. The deans’ connectors can easily swap the battery out for a NiMh for output or for a similar size.

The controller

The collection of R/C controllers has a great number in recent years. The steering performance can be improved. And the amount of turning input that can be applied can end prematurely causing wider than the expected turning arcs.

Our verdict

Something interesting about WLToys, even if it suffers from a few handling issues it can still provide fun when a fresh battery pack is popped into it. The combination of relatively nimble, power, and durable makes it more fun to play around with.

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