FrySky Taranis QX7: Is it Worth it?

FrySky Taranis QX7

This is one of the radios that would get into FPV in the past few years. It had all the features similar to the X9D that was affordable and many pilots flew it. In this article, we will be looking at the other long-standing budget radio and comparing it with the others in the market.

Taranis QX7

FrSky Taranis QX7 – External Thoughts

When you order this device, you shouldn’t worry about it being damaged since it comes in a nice box that is wrapped in plastic and well protected by foam. It also comes with a Smart Port and FrSky transmitter strap that is of high quality and is very nice; it feels comfortable on the neck as it has a thick fabric material.

The sides are rubberized to feel comfortable and give a nice is likely that the ergonomics of this radio are more geared towards the thumb method of control as opposed to the hybrid pinch.

There are four ports on the bottom of the radio. There is the SD card slot, the USB port for simulators and computer connectivity a battery charging port on the far-right side, and a smart port used to update receiver firmware.

The interface user is improved from the X9D to three press buttons that are installed next to the LCD.

FrSky Taranis QX7 – Internal Teardown

When the batter ports are opened, you realize that some screws peek inside the main road. Unscrew the two bottom ones first then the two top once and then take off the back cover. In the Taranis QX7, there are three main PCB boards. At the lower part, there is hosting the CPU, mainboard, clock, power circuitry, inputs/outputs, and LCD circuitry. the middle PCB gives access to the JR port, which enables users to plug in external transmitter modules like TBS crossfire and the FrSky R9M. The top PCB is a transmitter module used to stick inputs into radio waves to go to the receiver. There are the gimbals that are solidly installed in the radio to ease the throttle ratchet and tensioning of the gimbals. Overall, there are no doubts about the Taranis QX7 because it will last for many years.

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