Skyzone SKY02X: The Best FPV Goggles for 2019!

Skyzone SKY02X

It is exciting to tell you about the Skyzone SKY02X because it is well rounded and a high-quality product. Let’s us just dive into it.

To begin with, the packaging is just far and beyond. We all know that first impression speaks volumes. Skyzone 02X does not disappoint. The goggles come in high quality, sturdy box. Inside you find the manual and the rest of the gear packaged neatly in smaller boxes. And the rest of the gear packaged neatly in smaller boxes. In terms of accessories, you get a data cable, DC barrel jack to an XT60 power cable, an AV cable, Futaba data cable, and two 5.8GHz antennas. Inside you find the goggle case. The case is pretty solid, high quality. Inside the case, we find the goggles. You also get 2 different face foams – one softer and thicker, like on the Aomway commanders, and one leathery and thinner similar to the one on the Fatshark goggles.

Skyzone SKY02X

Now, let us discuss the specifications.

The fpv goggles have a 30-degree field of view (FOV) and a resolution of 854 x 480 (WVGA). The distance is adjustable via the slider on the bottom and can be adjusted between 59-69mm.

The screens are of high quality and very bright. The fan on the top is used to defog the goggles, and also reduce the internal temperature of the unit.

The front camera has a FOV of 60 degrees and a resolution of 640 x 480. The goggles support SD cards up to 32 GB. Goggles are pretty light coming in at about 210g.

On matters setup, To get Skyzone 02X fpv goggles up and running, the bare minimum of what you have to do is, install the face foam, Install antenna and lastly, plug in the battery

You probably noticed that the Skyzones have a lot of buttons, which is handy as it makes using them very easy. You should not feel overwhelmed; however, as you don’t need to know too much about all the functions to just fly daily.

I know you are asking, is the Skyzone SKY02X the goggles for me? In many ways and for most people I believe that the answer is just ABSOLUTELY YES! Quite simply the Skyzones the best fpv goggles for let us get them no questions asked. They are available on the market.


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