Eachine EX5


Like most other Eachine drones, the EX5 flies well, it’s easy to control and hovers pretty precisely without too much drift… The drones default flight mode is the headless mode, which is excellent for beginners and the smart flight modes are always fun to use. The Eachine EX5 is a little foldable lightweight drone that looks very similar to the costly and technologically advanced DJI Mavic Mini. The drone comes with some decent features like an HD camera, dual GPS, an optical flow sensor and autonomous flight modes. You can likewise stream live video footage to your smartphone and take videos and photographs to simple hand gesture. The drone comes with an official flight time of 30 minutes and a transmission range of 1km.

Eachine EX5


Design – It is foldable, which makes it easy to convey with you. Besides, it comes with its storage bag. You can fold it with everything intact, including the blades/ sharp edges.

Size and weight – This is a little, toy-class quad of about 9.8 by 11.4 by 2.3 inches when it is unfolded. When you fold it up, it measures 5.5 by 3.3 by 2.3 inches.

It weighs 229 g, so you do not need to register with the FAA that is if you are in North America.

Eachiine EX5

Motors – You can fly this quad through two or three batteries and the motors will not overheat. It uses 1406 brushless motors. Of course, brushless is better than brushed, anytime.

Material and colour – The hull is made with high-quality ABS material. It does not sustain cracks easily, and you can be sure the interior parts are well protected. This drone comes in white/silver colour.


The truth is that most people purchase quads to be their aerial cameras. FPV is also very exciting, which clarifies why every drone, even the minis, have a camera. So, what do you get with this one?

Electronic stabilization – You can take distortion-free footage when the drone flies in calm weather. However, electronic stabilization is never as good as the mechanical one.

Resolution – This camera can take photos with a 4K resolution of 3840*2160. It can also capture 4K videos at 25 frames per second.

The FPV resolution is 1080P, which is quite commendable as most smartphones do have that or higher solution.

Field of view and distance – The FOV for the camera is 150°, which as you can see is just short of 180°. Usually, such wide angles of view are mostly found with drones that have panoramic cameras.

The camera adjusts vertically to help you get the best view. The angle of adjustment is 90 degrees. You can change it from the remote controller. The camera connectivity range is 1000 meters.

Eachine EX5


You will be thankful for the long flight time of as long as 30 minutes. This comes from the 7.5V 2200mAh battery, and you can order a spare battery or two for longer flight time.

However, things such as wind resistance can affect the flight time. If there is the wind, the drone will consume more power. If you fly it at higher speed, it will consume more battery.

Charging time – This battery takes about 5hours to charge. That is a bit long, and that is why you need a spare battery or two. Use the provided charging cable only.

Eachine EX5


This quad is accessible in two versions – the 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The last is cheaper, but the connectivity range is shorter. The 2.4GHz one is more expensive, but it also has better perks such as more extended connection range.

If you are a beginner and you need a quad that will make you feel as if you are in the big boys’ league, get the EX5. Regardless of whether you are an experienced drone user, you will not find this one boring at all.


Long flight range and video transmission distance of 1000 meters

Long flight time of 30 minutes

Minimal weight and foldability make the drone suitable for travelling

Has a decent storage bag

Electronic stabilization is better than none


Not possible to adjust the vertical angle of the camera on the remote controller

No micro SD card slot


Before flying it, read the user manual to see how to use features such as MV production. You additionally need to know what application you need to download and how to use all the functions. Other things you might want to bear in mind include flying the drone in open spaces and cutting your teeth on low speed first. This and many more are available for purchase at Banggood.com

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