Emax Hawk 5


Emax is undoubtedly best known for their engines, they’ve released a series of quite successful mini quads in the past the Nighthawk, then Babyhawk and the Babyhawk-R, both well-known now. Emax Hawk 5 presents an excellent option for both pro racers and new pilots.

Lots of superb ready-to-fly quads are well SPECT truly all-around well-built and incredibly well priced, so how will this new Hawk 5 stand up in this busy space in the market? We’ll try to cover all the needed information about this most recent BNF configuration from Emax model.



So, let’s take a closer look at this in more detail. The Hawk 5 is the newest five inches to 10-millimeter X-Frame Quad from Emax.

It is the first Emax quad aimed squarely at the racer market using high specification components. I’m sure this is their response to the other great FPV racing drone configurations being released from other manufacturers such as Diatone, Holybro, and others.

Emax F4 Magnum Tower

This is a perfect and tidy stack, with pinned board interconnects between every one of the PCBs. The mainboard joins an F4 flight controller and LC filter, a 5-volt regulator, a black box, and a buzzer. It uses an STM32F405 MCU and the famous MP6000 gyro, flashed with Beta Flight 3.30. This has an OSD as well.

The integrated LC filter with the 5 Volt/3A voltage controller provides clean power for all the other components and boards. Then the black box flight recorder got 16 MB flash memory, and a buzzer was mounted on the PCB.


Frsky XM+ Receiver

The Magnum Tower additionally incorporates a Frsky XM+ receiver. Despite the fact it’s tiny, the downside of this is you don’t get telemetry, but you do have the Beta Flight OSD to show your battery voltages in your FPV goggles. And it would be nice to have seen them using something like XSR receiver, a smart port permitted with full-duplex transmission for telemetry. But I guess they don’t understand it is necessary for the racing quad.


The VTX has 48 channels, which are switchable from 25 mW to 200 mW, ideal for race events.

It comes with a lightweight dipole whip antenna. However, you also get this 80-millimeter extension with an SMA connector to U.FL to use your antenna. Additionally, there are two or more Pagoda V2 antennas in the box, which is a nice touch.


What’s more, at the bottom of the stack is a 30 a 4in1 ESC and current sensing board running BLHeli_S firmware – they support D Shot, Multi-Shot, and One Shot 125, so take your pick. But I suspect it will probably be D Shot 600. Emax claims this can run 6s with a lower kV engine.


And as you’d expect from EMAX, they’ve used some of these powerful LS 2206 2300 kV Lite Spec racing engines, and it’ll be interesting to see how these nuts up using their new props. EMAX attained to combine such requirements into a motor that can meet all aspects by reducing the weight while maintaining the durability and performance in check.

FPV Camera

The camera uses low latency Foxier Arrow Micro V2. It’s a 600 TVLine CCD camera with a wide-angle 150-degree lens, which is perfect for fast racing.


Includes a spare arm and hardware

It is incredibly lightweight for an RTF quad.

It allows you to put your battery anywhere.


Motors aren’t precisely the most powerful. Though, they are light, which keeps the overall build weight down and means you don’t need as much power.



This is an outstanding and accurately complete mini quad that will get you racing straight out of the box.

Although spares appear to be readily available, I suspect you won’t be able to buy individual boards from the F4 tower.

Cost-wise this is only around 250 dollars, which is slightly cheaper than most of the BNF quads in this 5-inch range. But it doesn’t compromise on parts; they’re very high spec, so it’s excellent value for money, which is always a good thing. It is available on banggood.com at an affordable rate.

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