The Diatone GT-R349 is a smaller scale quadcopter pointed decisively at the racing market. We waver to consider it a “small scale” because dissimilar to different micros we’ve flown, similar to the Blade Inductrix or the KK90GT. It is an utterly performant quadcopter. It flies increasingly similar to my 4″ and 5″ quads than it never really last obvious “smaller-scale” that I’ve flown.

The GT-R349 comes in 3 flavors, separated by the FPV cameras and VTX’s they come pre-introduced with: The GT-R349 comes in 3 flavors, differentiated by the FPV cameras and VTX’s they come pre-installed with:

GT-R349 Base Model – Comes with a Runcam Micro Swift FPV Camera and Runcam TX200U 200mW VTX

GT-R349 Runcam Swift w/ TBS Unify –with a Runcam Micro Swift FPV Camera and TBS Unify 800mW VTX

GT-R349 CADDX Turtle Edition w/ TBS Unify –with a CADDX Turtle FPV Camera and board for HD video recording.

The packaging is all in all well-presented, and it’s nice that they contain spares. We would like to see at least one set of standby props included, particularly since Diatone doesn’t specify what props it takes.



The standard pack that accompanies the GT-R349 is genuinely ordinary. All segments are marked “Mamba,” a house brand for Diatone. The flight controller is a “Mamba F405″; an F4 variation with the almost ubiquitous MPU-6000 IMU, DSHOT support, 16MB of integrated flash memory, and an incorporated Betaflight OSD. It accompanies commotion, hosing rubber grommets pre-installed. That is about as good as you can get for a micro-sized FC.

The power framework comprises of a 4-in-1 ESC appraised at 25A per motor channel. As little as this thing may be, we would completely love to scrutinize this case of supporting a joined 100A, but didn’t feel like blowing it up. I can guarantee you that this is a lie, though — there isn’t enough cooling to disperse the heat generated by this amount of power.


Notwithstanding, The ESC is capable of intensity the four little MB1408 engines with a 14mm stator diameter. There are evaluated at an incredible 4000kV and 20A. Diatone’s spec sheet claims backing for 5″ props. The parts are stuffed into a neat looking little frame.

The issue is that no additional spacers are given, and the little and fine machine-strung screws will handily strip out the plastic cross member. There are no new parts for any of these plastic items.

Amusingly, the GT-R349 accompanies a nice pack of spare parts. Included are extra plastic hoods, battery straps, zip ties, and props—only none of the plastic bits in the FC stack. We hope Diatone fixes this in the future or at least makes these parts available as spares.


The setup was a little tricky, not impossible by any means, but tough for a beginner. The explanation for this is that Diatone does not include a receiver with the quad. I’m not sure why that is as they now offer VTX and camera choices, so a receiver would not be hard.

The issue is that Diatone packs everything into an extremely tight package that makes it extremely difficult for the user to fit a receiver in the quad physically.

We went for an XSR as I had one spare but would recommend (supposing you are a Frisky handler) an R-XSR or an XM+. The intention of this is that they are small and should match the cable Diatone provides.


GTR349 XSR Receiver

GTR 349 stack is made up of a combination of different sized spacers and o-rings that were incredibly fiddly and had to go back in the right order. My advice is don’t touch the stack, a real pain to work on!

Diatone 3-inch quadcopter

Diatone likewise a buzzer on a separate PCB to make connecting it easy. However, we suspect they don’t install if for you because it doesn’t fit anywhere! You can cram it in between the stack and camera, but this limits the amount you can tilt the camera and is a bit of a bodge.

After about 90 minutes, we had the receiver installed and working. To put things into perspective, we build a complete quad in less time than this! Overall, Diatone models look neat and compact, but I feel that they leave the dirty work to the user and aren’t quite as perfect by the time you are finished with them!

3-inch micro drone GTR349

Betaflight setup was at least straightforward; however, for some reason, the PID loop was set to 2khz. The F4 processor onboard is cable of running at 8khz, so I adjusted that and set up my arming and flight modes.



Excellent flight performance on 3s & 4s

It is Durable

Reliable, proven components

Selection of sizes, cameras, and VTX


Difficult installing receiver

4s batteries are costly.



Overall, the Diatone GT R349 is a top-quality Quadcopter and it is available on Banggood.com at an affordable rate.

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