What you Need to Know About ZOHD Drift FPV Glider?

ZOHD Drift FPV Glider

For starters, let’s state here that this is a plane toy – an exceptional one for that matter. Now, when the ZOHD drift was being designed, of course, the manufacturer had some specific goals in mind. But the one that stood out and was the most important, was its easiness to fly. So in that regard, the ZOHD drift exceeds all the expectations, especially considering its kopilot lite flight control system.

ZOHD Drift FPV Glider

This system makes it easy to fly, even to beginners. It is super light and it’s quite durable, so you should expect it to survive the ‘not-so-perfect’ landings that are bound to happen every now and then. What this means is that the ZOHD drift is the perfect toy plane for beginners as well as FVP pilots looking for a relaxed FVP flying experience.


  • The ZOHD drift is easy to hand launch and slow fly, and it is also quite agile and accurate while in control.
  • It has a large battery bay, allowing it to extend the flight time
  • Crash resistant, built-in CF spar for enhancement, and its EPP materials are quite durable
  • Detachable tail boom and main wing, which makes it easy to carry around
  • Has a nose camera bay that’s compatible with all the AIO and FPV cameras out there
  • For extra enhancement, it has a built-in CF strip inside fuselage.
  • Has an optimized air-cooling system that keeps the plane gear safe from overheating
  • It has a CF rod in the ailerons that gives it precision when controlling it.

ZOHD Drift FPV Glider Review

This is the perfect beginner friendly AOHD drift because it’s easy to launch, fly, and control which is made possible by the light weight feature of it and the Kopilot lite flight control system. ZOHD drift is made of strong EPP material supported by spars which allows the gadget to survive a clash and especially if operated by beginners who find it difficult to land. The detachable main wings and tail make it easy to pack and carry it for outdoor activities and fly anywhere because you don’t need an FPV registration due to its light weight.

ZOHD drift FPV glider uses Lipo 18650 battery that is strong enough to provide long flight duration. The recommended 2S and 3S configuration battery is 900-1500mAh and 300-1100mAh respectively. It has a nose camera bay that is compatible with all FPV and AIO camera in the market making it easier to find a suitable fit or replacement. An enhanced air-cooling feature allows the gears to operate without overheating. The GPS feature promotes an automatic return to the starting point capabilities and a geo-barrier restricts the aircraft from going beyond a certain flight range. For sharp and precise activities to your inputs and additional enhancement, ZOHD drift FPV glider is designed with in-built CF rod and strip in the ailerons and inside fuselage.

So, basically, that a ZOHD Drift FPV Glider for you. You can get it from banggood.com at a very affordable price. Once you make your order, the plane will be delivered to your location in no time. Order now, while the stock lasts!


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