What size of torx screwdriver for Xbox one controller?

In the modern era, having your own tools for a couple of functions is becoming a trend. It’s so different from how things used to be and that was, visiting a professional anytime you needed any work done like some small repairs. These tools are also widely used in DIY projects which have become the in-vogue activities with everyone trying new things.

What size of torx screwdriver for Xbox one controller?

What comes in your mind when you hear torx screwdriver? You may have noticed that most gadgets in the modern era are being fastened with screws that are no longer cross shaped like they used to be. The new trend of unusual 6-point star-shaped screws made the development of torx screwdriver possible.  Just as the name implicates, torx screwdriver allows the user to torque the screw more than the normal ones.

Having the right tool for job makes work easier. Torx screwdrivers have different sizes depending on the imperial point to point (inches) and metric point to point (millimeters). You might be having the whole torx screwdriver set or a few pieces of torx screwdriver but not sure which is the right one for your Xbox one controller. Am pretty sure you are aware of how Xbox one controllers tends to be costly and that’s why you need to be careful when opening it. Instead of getting a new Xbox one controller, the best option is to open it, repair, clean and replace the broken or faulty parts.

For a successful Xbox one controller opening, you will need T8 torx screwdriver and T6 torx screwdriver. The T8 security torx screwdriver is used to remove the five 10mm screws that are located at the back of the Xbox one controller. The 5 screws are responsible for holding the backplate and faceplate intact hence protecting the top motherboard and the bottom motherboard. The T6 torx screwdriver is used to unscrew the two 7mm screws that are located near the rumble motor socket and the six screws that are positioned on the bottom motherboard.

With these two torx screwdrivers (T8 and T6), you can repair or give a new look your Xbox one controller. Changing any button, thumbstick, bumper or controller shell will be limited by your own imagination if you have these two pro tools. You can opt to buy separately or as a Xbox one controller opening kit because it’s available. If you are a serious gamer, you need to have these two torx screwdrivers.



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