Xiaomi Mijia Air Purifier 3 is Xiaomi’s most recent air purifier, contrasted, and the previous generation of Mijia Air Purifier 2 regarding performance and design have improved extraordinarily. Xiaomi Mijia air purifier 3 in friendly cardboard boxes with thick foam inside, which can successfully secure against crashes during transportation. The accessories section includes a force rope, a quick guide, and a manual for use, and it is essential to specify that the force string set to the channel cartridge of the purifier.

Mijia air purifier 3

Xiaomi Mijia air purifier 3 keeps up the pure white style of Xiaomi family unit appliances, the entire body of the machine uses white as the primary tone, the appearance doesn’t have too many decorative elements. The edges and corners of the purifier as the whole have a curve handling; there is a comfortable feeling of roundness, can be integrated into a variety of styles of home decoration elements, components, compared with each other. Machine size 240x240x520mm, the small volume covers an area of less than 0.1 square meters, entirely appropriate for little family units. The whole machine weighs 4.8 kg, but it is inconvenient to move because there is no wheel design at the base.


in terms of performance, the Xiaomi Mijia air purifier 3 has made many upgrades over the previous generation of air purifier 2S, for instance, the CARD value of particulate matter has increased from 310 cubic meters/h to 400 cubic meters/h, an expansion of 29%. Now, numerous companions don’t know the significance of CARD. It is the idea of clean air yield output. It is also an intuitive embodiment of estimating the performance of air purifier products. The more significant the fresh air output proportion, The higher the purification efficiency of the purifier. The hardware is upgraded to a backward centrifugal fan, which can yield more air volume; combined with the update of the touch screen and the control of Xiaomi Air purifier 3.

Mijia Air purifier 3

The upper part of the front board of Xiaomi Mijia air purifier 3 has a circular OLED touch display screen that digitally displays the value of PM2.5 in the general condition, air temperature, air mugginess, and the working method of the purifier. The lower touch keys, in turn, can accomplish the automatic shift, sleep mode, low speed, medium speed, high speed, most loved file switch, the peripheral light color will be red, orange, and green with the size of the PM2.5 value. Both sides of the Xiaomi Mijia air purifier 3 fuselages and front of the fuselage are designed with numerous little opening air inlets to ensure that the surrounding air enters the purifier interior with a significant flow rate from three sides to filter.

Mijia Air purifier 3
The Xiaomi Mijia air purifier 3 fuselages is designed with a high-accuracy laser sensor to monitor the tuyere, which can detect tiny particles and dust, and feedback the PM2.5 esteem progressively.

High-Precision Laser Sensor
Clear Air Delivery Rate (CADR) scores
AI voice control

Replacement is the only option when the service ends.

Mijia air purifier 3, whether in appearance or purification performance is acceptable, compared, and the cost is also very high but affordable. Mijia air purifier 3 sold at banggood.com between US$233.57 ~ US$242.97

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