How to open a GoPro case

How to open a GoPro case

Is it your first time with a Gopro? If so, I know you may experience some difficulties when trying to open the case for you to access the camera. Now, you shouldn’t have to worry about it; I mean, you have the internet in your hands, there isn’t a single thing that you would ever lack on the internet. For instance, in this article I will help you open that case that have been giving you so much headache all this time.

How to open a GoPro case

So, step number one in opening the case is for you to lift the rubber latch that connects the camera to the mount. When you look at the base of the camera which is located at the back, you will see a raised clip that secures it to its platform covered by a rubber latch. Once you lift the piece, you will expose two prongs, resembling a horseshoe shape.

Step 2 – pinch the prongs together. You will need to apply a little pressure in order for you to squeeze the two protruding prongs together in order for them to fit between the wall barriers on each side of them.

Step 3 – push the camera forward to detach. While still pinching the clasps, push the camera away in order for the prongs to fit in between the two walls locking the camera in place.

Step 4 – pry open the top latch. Holding the camera from behind, put your index fnger on the right corner on the front and then press your thumb gently along the long edge. Applying a little force, pull upwards directly using your index finger to open the latch, revealing an oblong metal hinge.

Step 5- pull the long side of the latch upwards for you to unhook this side of the latch from the back of the case.

Step 6 – pull the back off. After unlatching the hook, the back of the case should open easily.

Step 7 – now, the last step is to slide the camera out. Just tilt the case backward and the camera will easily slide out.

Now, as you can see, it’s pretty easy. Just follow these steps and you will be fine.

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