Where can I buy a sax-a-boom?

Before you get to know where to buy a sax-a-boom, how about I start off by telling you can get one; I mean, I know you would like to know more about what you are about to buy. For starters, a sax-a-boom is a children’s toy instrument whose popularity came from being frequently used by Jack Black at live Tenacious D concerts. The instrument looks like a saxophone, and has a musical loop on each of its eight buttons. The instrument was manufactured in the year 1998 by DSI Toys and Shoot the Moon II LLC.

Where can I buy a sax-a-boom?

A sax-a-boom plays pre-recorded licks accompanied by a variety of backing tracks. By pressing the buttons on the front side of the instrument plays different licks, which when you combine them, you can come up with your own song. It sounds like a saxophone. Considering the fact that Jack Black used this instruments, which made it popular, a few owners of the instrument tried to take advantage of its fame by selling it at ridiculously high prices. This made the toy perform poorly in the market. It too the sellers to reduce it to its original price that it started seeing some light of day.

Where to buy it

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