Which screwdriver is used to open an Xbox one controller?

If you are a gamer and love playing games, either on your laptop or tv screen, then you are definitely aware of the Xbox controller. We can both agree that the gamer is quite fascinating, and most of us finds ourselves with the temptation of wanting to more on how it works, which means opening it and going through every bit it damn self. Now, you are not alone in this, a lot of people at some point opens the controller so as to understand it’s inner working better. Also, with so many staff to do around your house, and with so much stuff around scattered around, don’t be surprised if you find yourself dropping the controller several times during its lifespan.

Which screwdriver is used to open an xbox one controller?

Now, when these happens, it might get damaged or a certain wire on the inside starts to malfunction or gets disconnected. This means that for it to start working again, you will need to repair it, which also means that you will have to open it up. Now, when it get to this point, please allow me to tell you that the controller has a lot of screws that you will have to open, if you are to take it apart completely, and this is where you will need to have the right materials for the job. The screws used on the controller are pretty special and they can’t be opened by just any screwdriver. There are special screwdrivers for the job. They include the T8 security Torx Screwdriver, the T6 Torx Screwdriver and the Non-marring Polymer prying tool. These screwdrivers are uniquely designed to open any special screw on any electronic device in a home. These screwdrivers’ tips prevents stripping and losing screws, making them pretty effective.

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