FrSky VANTAC ROVER3 Tilt-Rotor FPV Tricopter: Review

FrSky has released a new product and it’s not a radio. It’s the Vantac Rover3, a tilt-rotor tricopter they say is fun for pilots of all skill levels. Here’s more from FrSky about it.
Especially easy for the beginner because of its impressive stability and challenging enough for a seasoned pro. Stand out at your local flying field or just try something different with this unconventional airframe.


The design
Dual servos steer the front rotors on this one-of-a-kind Tricopter. FrSky Vantac ROVER3 also has a unique fuselage with a high-visibility color scheme for easy orientation while flying line-of-sight. Mounted wheels allow for the tricopter to taxi on the ground and perform smooth landings and impressive touch-and-goes.

On-Board FPV Camera
The front-mounted FPV camera allows you to pilot the craft from the cockpit. This camera is equipped with a 600mW video transmitter that allows for clear and precise piloting of the tricopter. Power, channel, and band can be conveniently adjusted by push button or remotely via gtrans LUA script.

Fun Flight Attitudes
Several unique flight modes are possible and are easy to control with the integrated 6-axis gyros.

Light-Weight and Long Flight Times
Extremely efficient and lightweight design gives this multirotor and impressive flight time of around 14 minutes with a 1300mah 3s Lipo battery.

Great design
Ease of operation
Light weight
Impressive flight time
Powerful FPV camera

No cons

This unique multirotor platform is fun for pilots of all skill levels. At this Tricopter cost $149. Participate and also invite a friend to join in the ongoing 0.01 lucky draw and you stand a chance to get one of the FrSky VANTAC ROVER3 for free.

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