What to consider when choosing a scooter for your Child

Every child is different, some will master scootering immediately, others will take some time to gain the necessary confidence. If the scooter is light enough, though, its size corresponds to the child’s age and the footboard height does not burden the supporting leg excessively, then nothing stands in the way of children enjoying the pleasures that riding a scooter brings.

Baby scooter

Tips for choosing a scooter

Security first
Every proper machine for children should meet the respective standards. It should not lack safety reflective elements either, an ergonomic handlebar with widened ends, which prevent hand injuries in case of a fall and countersunk screws that will protect the child from injury.

Footboard height
The so-called tread height of the footboard determines how comfortable / strenuous riding a scooter will be. The higher the footboard is, the lower the child will have to squat and the sooner their legs will start to ache. Therefore, take the footboard height as one of the main parameters and look for scooters with a tread height of about 7 cm. It provides sufficient comfort and a good pass through all terrain.
The higher the footboard from the ground, the better it overcomes uneven terrains. Children usually do not go off-road and the ride height of 4-5 centimeters will beadequate.

Choose a size adequate to the child’s age
Just as it not advisable to buy shoes several sizes higher, you should not select a scooter thinking that the child will grow into it and it will last him longer. A baby scooter that is larger and heavier will be difficult for children to handle. A frustrating experience may put them off scootering completely.

Small or large wheels
Folding scooters with small wheels made of PU rubber may be light (approximately 3 kg) and storable, but due to small wheels, which sink into the smallest hole, they are also rather dangerous.

The risk that the child may fall over the handlebar is there even on common interlocking pavements or cobblestones. Folding scooters also have narrow handlebar, which makes them unstable and uncomfortable especially during a longer ride. They are mainly suitable for short transfers around town.
Scooters with inflatable wheels are a little heavier compared to foldable ones (around 6 kg), but they can handle surfaces of all kinds well and pass over potholes, tram tracks as well as cobblestones easily. Besides, if they have quality bearings and properly inflated tyres, they ride lightly, as if by themselves.

Quality bearings
The lightness, with which a scooter will ride, is determined by the bearings. We can expect no miracles from cheap machines, therefore it pays off to pay for quality in case of bearings. Bearings with well-inflated tyres give true enjoyment of the ride. At first kick-off, you should already be flooded by joy so great that you will feel compelled to whoop
You can recognize inferior bearings by the fact that the wheel “wobbles” when you make it spin in the air.

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