Hubsan Zino 2 4K RC Drone: The affordable Quadcopter

The Hubsan Zino 2 has a 4k 60 FPS camera – perfect for those dynamic shots while airborne. It also has a great battery life, advertised at 30+ minutes on one charging.
It also has its own dedicated controller. You attach a smartphone to act as its screen, and you are good to go. Now Let’s take a deeper look at the features of this RC drone.

Hubsan Zino 2

The design and build
The drone looks pretty much like his older brother the Hubsan Zino “the 1st”. You can find more differences inside the drone, however, there are some differences on the outside as well. First of all, if you take both in your hands the Zino 2 is 200 grams heavier than its predecessor. Maybe it’s because there is no such update to the battery, however, due to some software changes this new generation drone can fly up to 33 minutes.

Overall it measures 32.6 x 26 x 9.49 mm and weighs almost 1Kg (915 grams)it has a minimalist and compact design with everything you might need on a drone, and there is no extra design or part. The drone has a foldable build which is useful because it takes up less space both in your home and in your backpack as well. It has a white color, build out of high-quality polycarbonate so it will be easy to find it on the ground and it’s also pretty durable during a crash. On the top there’s a bold black line with the brand logo on the top. The propellers and the camera is also black so it has a nice and balanced color design.

Battery Life
The Hubsan Zino 2 has a battery of 11.4 V and 3800 mAh that allows autonomy of up to 33 mins. Of course, it is always important not to wait for the battery to discharge in flight, so it is most likely that it can fly for about 19 mins.

Hubsan Zino 2

Now, this is where the real magic happens because the Hubsan Zino 2, comes with an incredibly good camera. It has a 4K camera that is able to record in 60 fps. Which will give you a pretty detailed and smooth video. Also, the camera of the drone has a suspension of 3 axis gimbal. With a suspension like this, you will get as clear images as possible. If the image stabilization given with this drone were a built-in software stabilization then you were in trouble because they kinda suck. But a 3 axis gimbal can provide you pretty clear images. Also, there’s an onboard chipset from AI gurus Ambarella also and by this you are free to take great footage at night time or in any dark place.

Hubsan Zino 2

Remote controller
Just like the drone itself the remote controller is upgraded. First of all, it comes with an integrated LCD monitor, which shows you a lot of useful flight data like flight time, flight distance, battery level, and GPS data. Also, the range of the controller is extended which is 8Km, previously it was only 1Km.

Also, the Joysticks are more accurate. As in the case of most of the controllers, this one has a phone holder too, to maximize your FPV experience.
However, this one doesn’t connect to the drone via WiFi or Bluetooth. You will connect your phone to the controller via a cable. This might be a problem in the far future where every phone uses only wireless technology, but for now, it’s a good idea. Most of the phones don’t have a 5G technology to connect to the FPV feed, but with this solution, you don’t even need one. You just need a port where you charge your phone, it doesn’t matter if it’s a micro USB or a Type C because you’ll get both in the package.

Hubsan Zino 2

Easy to control
Integrated LCD monitor
4K camera for great footage
Good battery life

Heavy weight

The Hubsan Zino 2 drone is a great option if you’re a beginner or a professional. It’s durable and strong and you’re getting it pretty cheap. At this RC drone is sold for about $599. However you stand a chance to win this drone if you partake in the ongoing 0.01 lucky draw.

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