Where can I buy a meth pipe?

Now, whatever everybody says, there are those people who enjoys smoking. To them, smoking relieves them of any stress they may be having. And you know, they may be right, have you ever noticed that a person who have smoked doesn’t really care about anything; I mean, it’s as if they have never been stress in their entire life. Other people do it just for fun. Whichever category you may be, at some point, you will need a meth pipe. And you know why? it’s because a meth pipe is super classic and it screams class.

Where can I buy a meth pipe?

For those of who don’t know how a meth looks like; here is how; they are basically blown glass that comes in various shapes and sizes. The most common design is referred to as a straight shooter or glass rose having a slender tube almost equivalent to the diameter of your pinky finger. And if there is a bulb at the end of the pipe, roughly the size of a ping pong, with a small hole, then it’s truly a Tweaker’s Meth or just a Crack Pipe. The straight glass tube type might have a little bit of screening in it, which is used to catch the meth as well as it’s residue. What is left after you fire the rocks are just a dead giveaway.

When smoking from a meth pipe, follow the following steps;

  • Put some leaf into the bowl
  • Then place the pipe face up in the palm of your hand with the mouthpiece pointed towards you.
  • Cover the small hole on the side of the bowl with your thumb
  • Put the mouthpiece inside your lips
  • Use a lighter or a a match to put a flame to the leaf.
  • Breathe it in. fill the bowl and your body with that milky smoke
  • Remove the thumb from the carb and sharply inhale one more time.
  • Exhale and get ready for another round.

So basically, that’s how you use a meth pipe for those who have never used one.

Where to buy

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