FatShark Dominator HDO FPV Googles

Fat Shark has released a new generation of FPV google utilizing organic light-emitting diode screens. These screens allow for much more fidelity through higher resolutions and a higher contrast ratio. In fact, these are the highest resolutions FPV goggle that Fat Shark has ever produced.

Fatshark Dominator HDO

The design and display
The goggles come with nice foam padding that wasn’t included in previous models. This is great to prevent light leaks and is very comfortable to wear. It also appears to be more durable than the previous foam padding that tends to wear out frequently.
It’s sticked on the goggles by velcro and replaceable.
The biggest improvement and probably how Fat Shark execs are justifying the price point is the OLED display. Previous models had LCD displays, which were fine, but the HDO is a major upgrade to OLED instead.

Fatshark Dominator HDO
Fat Shark states that the OLED display provides a far clearer image than the older LCDs. If you used to have an LCD or Plasma TV and then upgraded to an LED TV, you’ll know what the difference feels like.


HDMI Auto-Switching
As a user interface improvement, the Goggles can now auto-switch between DVR, HDMI and analog feed when the HDMI cable is plugged in or remove.

Powerful Module Bay
The VRX module bay has been beefed up for more power-hungry receiver modules in the future.
As the next generation receivers are getting so powerful, they can draw a lot of current, some existing FPV goggles are already struggling to meet the demand.

Field Of View
The Fatshark HDO goggles use a smaller field of view of 37° compared to the slightly bigger FOV of 42° the HD3 Core. This might seem like a bad thing, and if you want a bigger looking display, then this is true. This narrow FOV actually complements the excellent OLED display the HDO units use to result in a crisp image projected to your eyes. However, Fatshark have opted for a narrower field of view because this ultimately has a few advantages.

OLED display
More power
Comfortable for use

4:3 Aspect ratio

It is great to see another new FPV goggle from fatshark that actually pushes the market forward. Visit Banggood.com today to purchase one of this awesome Googles.

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