VR Shinecon: The 4th Generation virtual reality headset

Virtual reality headsets seem to be the new hot tech these days. Most devices, like the Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR and others use a mobile phone to create the VR effect. Almost every mainstream device also offers a way to interact with what you are doing on-screen, be it just to center the image or to play a game.
There are countless VR headsets currently available for anyone who wants to enjoy a VR game or an immersive VR experience without spending a lot of money and the VR Shinecon is one very good option.

VR shinecon

The design
VR Shinecon 3D Headset comes with a lightweight design for better comfort of the user. You get great quality material used in the device which protects it from breaking due to accidental falls. Apart from that, its special plastic material used making the headset helps you to use it for a longer period by considering and protecting your eyes, face, and Head.


Video quality and in-built headphones
Shinecon 3D VR Headset comes with a remarkable video quality looking at the price of the headset; you can easily compare it with those high-end VRs selling at $1000. Shinecon’s 3D VR Headset comes with Aspherical Lens which provides great virtual space experience, apart from that you will be getting great 3D feedback as well.
Focal Adjustments
The headset has two types of focal adjustments; pupil adjustment and object distance. Pupil Adjustment refers to the distance between your eyes. Although the difference between person to person might be very slight, when viewing a screen at such close proximity as in the headset, the small difference will have a significant impact. Adjusting the distance from the wheel at the top of the device lines up the image perfectly.
The second focal adjustment is the object distance. It’s controlled by two knobs on either side of the set. Object distance will increase or decrease how ‘near’ your phone’s screen is. This allows you to focus your screen better.
Game Play
Hardware and visual adjustments aside, the important question with any VR headset is how well it tracks your movement and how good the view is. The device doesn’t have any sensors of its own and relies entirely on your phone’s sensors to give you the immersive experience. The field of view is somewhat lacking but still suitable for someone who wants to try out VR apps and games on something that’s a little more reliable than Google Cardboard.
Myopic compensation
The headset can compensate for anyone with Myopia (nearsightedness) up to six degrees which is the boundary for severe myopia and will likely cover a majority of visually impaired users. For anyone with a higher number, it’s best to use contact lens as glasses don’t sit too well inside the headset.


  • The Price
  • Huge Nose Cavity
  • Comfortable
  • 3-way adjustable headphones


  • The Packaging
  • Putting your phone inside is fiddly
  • Fake LED’s that got me all excited
  • No volume controls
  • Cushioning is glued in

If you are looking for a good VR Headset at an affordable price range then Shinecon 3D VR Headset is best for you. It comes with all the features required for a great VR Experience.

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