Where can I buy a drone keeper mini


Drone Keeper Mini is the new generation stand-alone audible sound locator used in finding lost drones with internal battery.
This drone accessory works without any connection with built-in Motion sensor and can be used with all kinds of drones. It Supports 2 in 1 function (Locator + Low voltage alarm) and it is of high quality.
You don’t need to be an expert to make use of it because it is very easy to use, all you need to do is just to mount it on drone.
The awesome features of this drone keeper mini is that it can work regardless of main battery status and can hear beep sound in a noisy downtown area within 160~200 foot radius.

Drone keeper mini

Some Features of Drone keeper mini

Dual Modes
This device supports 2 kind of user modes; It can run on both wired mode (Power switch off detection alarm at Wired mode only) and wireless mode.
Supports Low battery voltage alarm for external battery (drone battery) adjustable from 3.2V – 3.6V.
Charge internal battery via USB port using a provided micro USB module.

Where to buy Drone keeper mini
Drone keeper mini can be purchased at few stores around the globe but the trusted dealer I will recommend you to is Banggood. Their products are always genuine, durable and affordable.

This drone accessory comes in very handy if you fly long range or over-dense ground cover. It will assist you in locating your drone easily without breaking a sweat.

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