Where to buy daiso clay

Daiso’s Soft Clay is the perfect choice for making butter or any other clay-based slime. This clay will make your slime smooth, soft, holdable, and thick. Simply mix a small amount of Daiso Clay with your slime and watch the magic happen.

Diaso clay
They are very light and easy to use, especially when you are new to clay making.
• Available Colors: White, Red, Pink, Blue, Black, Brown, Yellow, Green
• Perfect for making slime, crafts, modeling, etc.
• Safe and non-toxic

Where to buy Diaso clay
At Banggood you can purchase the original Diaso clay for your slime making. They are very easy to use and its affordable.

Coat the finished work with water-resistant varnish to help and protect it against water, etc. If a completed piece is damaged, it can be repaired with woodworking glue.

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