How to solve metal brain teasers

Metal puzzles are a fun and challenging way to test your brain. But after hours of working through the same puzzle with no results, you may feel a little stumped! If you’re desperate for a solution, a puzzle guide might be your best bet! The P-shaped, horseshoe ring, and double-M puzzle are among the most common metal puzzles—once you’ve mastered these 3 puzzles, you’ll be ready to work through any metal brain  teaser design on your own!

Metal brain teaser

Steps in solving a p-shaped metal puzzle

1. Grab one end of each P-shaped ring with both of your hands
Hold the puzzle as evenly as possible to prevent twisting the puzzle the wrong way while you work. Align the puzzle horizontally before you begin twisting it, with both ends of the P-shaped rings facing outwards.
2. Turn your left P-shaped ring down
Then, loop the right ring around the upper “P” loop of the left ring. Your two P-shaped rings should look stacked on top of each other and mirroring each other at the loops.
3.Pull the right ring from the top and through the left loop
As you string the right ring through the left loop, it should slide off once you reach the bottom end. Once the two rings are separated, you have completed the puzzle.
4. Slide one ring through the “P” loop of the other ring to reset the puzzle
To prevent losing either ring and to put the puzzle together again, insert one ring through the top loop of the other ring. Pull the first ring all the way through the second ring, then turn the second ring up to secure both in place.

Having fun with metal brain teasers is a good way to relax the brain and it enhances mental reasoning also.

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