Great News: One Cent Snatch is Also Available on PC Now!!!

One Cent Snatch

In the very beginning of 2019, Banggood grandly launched a new giveaway activity called One Cent Snatch which has won great popularity among people since its launching. To make it convenient to join the game, One cent snatch will be also available on PC. That is to say, you can not only join this giveaway activity through Banggood app but also participate in it by clicking the link when you enjoy surfing the Internet without needing to open the app on your device, which may be the great news for us, especially for someone who likes to shop in the computer.

one cent snatch

In the first One Cent Snatch activity on PC, the product list is more wonderful than what I expected. Original Xiaomi Mi band 4 Smart Watch and Xiaomi Redmi Airdots TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Earphone are surely available. In the following games, the prize will become richer and richer. Let’s wait and see.

Like the One Cent Snatch in the Banggood app, the PC-Version One Cent Snatch will be available at 10:00 AM (GMT|+8) every day. It includes two forms: one is Big draw and the other is Group Draw.

The rules about how to join the PC Version One Cent Snatch are completely the same as the ones we have to follow in the One Cent Snatch. If you are afraid of missing something important about the rules, you can read it again.

How To Participate:

Enter the product details page by clicking the product and finish the order payment. After finishing the payment, you can follow the prompts to invite a friend to join your team.

Your friend can join the team through the shared link and completes the order payment.

Once the number of friends who join the team meets the targetted amount before the countdown ends, the team will be eligible for the lucky draw. There should be at least three participants in a team,

The results about winners will be published within one hour after the event ends. Winning orders are shipped, and everyone who did not win or failed to complete a team receives a refund in their BGpay account.

Note: You can check the BGpay account balance in My Account.


Each account can only participate in one team per Snatch product.

Because of the limited stock of items, if the purchase fails due to insufficient stock, the order will be refunded to the BGpay account.

Please follow the instructions on the page. If there is any abnormal error:n for example, if the product fails to be issued and the activity cannot continue, the user will be disqualified.

Warnings & Tips

-Apple Computer, Inc., is not affiliated with Banggood or One Cent Snatch and do not endorse this activity.

-One Cent Snatch is restricted to persons over the age of 17.

To join the game in time every week, you can now open the link in the search engine and then bookmark this page so that in the next activity of One cent snatch, you can open the page through the bookmark.

More details about One Cent Snatch, please click here.

One Cent Snatch is a win-win giveaway game for you. It not only can enhance the interaction between the friends of you and you and between Banggood and its customers but also it provides a chance for you to get a big prize without paying nothing. Everyone is the one blessed with good luck. So enjoy the game and get your big prize.

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