Eachine E511S: Excellent GPS Drone Under $200

GPS Drone

This review focuses on a professional looking GPS camera drone that currently retails at a relatively affordable price of $102.99. It is packed with advanced features and punches, something that has earned it a popularity and a solid reputation. So, take a look at what this popular foldable GPS Camera quadcopter has to offer.

GPS Drone


Eachine E511S GPS Drone‘s body framework has a jet black coating that gives it a design that appeals to the eye. Its design is made of foldable motor arms propellers and a strong ARB Plastic body to help it withstand impacts. So it is more durable and robust to crashes. This professional design is accompanied by a blue LED light that indicates how much energy is left.

Furthermore, you can get the most out of this amazing drone, thanks to its powerful 1200 mAh Li-Po battery that offers the end user approximately 16 minutes flight time. It is located at the back of the drone.

GPS Drone


In terms of flight performance, Eachine E511S GPS Drone will leave you awe-struck. What aids it to perform well has to be its GPS module feature that communicates well with satellites to give the mini-drone more precise positioning.

This implies that it is an incredibly stable GPS camera drone for both pros and beginners. Then there are its coreless motors which perform better than brushed ones. This increases its rotation per minute by alleviating friction to increase propulsion rate. What you get is increased maneuverability and high flight speeds.

Additionally, this amazing device can allow you up to 300 meters remote control distance to make you enjoy piloting it. These features render Eachine E511S drone as an extremely popular choice for everyone.

GPS Drone


We buy drones for the sole purpose of entertainment by flying them around while recording high-resolution video footages.

E511S’s GPS module lets you control the drone’s camera remotely so you can get high-quality aerial videos without much hassle. Only a few under $200 mini-drones offer that. A 1080P HD resolution makes Eachine E511S a perfect option for everyone.

GPS Drone


-It comes at its slowest speed setting, which is pretty fine for beginners

-This foldable camera can perform 3D flips

-Supports GPS follow for precise positioning

-1080P HD smart camera for video footage recording

-Remote control

-Impressive flight battery that offers you 16 minutes flight time

-Incredibly stable

-Super easy to pilot for beginners

-Foldable propellors

-Relatively affordable


This mini-drone is professionally designed and crafted to give you the best ever user experience. It also features foldable propellers that make it easy to use to carry around and use anywhere. Plus its remote control and flight time are just excellent features that are hard to beat. At a relatively affordable price of $102.99, the good-looking Eachine E511S GPS drone is certainly the best choice for everyone, and it is hereby recommended.



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