Eachine E56: The new generation selfie drone


Small sized portable drones are gaining grounds in the Tech world today. One huge advantage of portable drones is the easy of mobility. This drone can literally fit into your pockets.

Eachine E56 selfie drone
In our review today we will be looking at Eachine E56 portable selfie drone. The Eachine E56 is one of the more popular toy selfie drones in the market today thanks partly to its very affordable price and HD 720P camera. More importantly, the E56 stands out from the rest due to its less conventional g-sensor controller.

The Design

Eachine E56 selfie drone
Eachine 56 is small portable drone with foldable blades. This Drone measures only 5.7″ in length, 2.6″ in width and 1.25″ in height. With the blades folded out, dimensions increase to 7″, 7″ and 1.25″, respectively. But, once the blades are open, the dimensions will be a bit longer 7*7*1.25. If you want smaller drone, you can take a look at the E57 version as well. But overall, I would say that it has decent build quality in comparison to other beginner’s drone. Body of the drone has a rectangular design. LED lighting is placed at the front and back of the drone. Tilt adjustable camera is located at the front.

Remote Control

It is a unique thing about this drone. Instead of having a conventional controller, here you will have a gravity sensor controller that you can use with one hand only. To get the perfect controlling, you need to practice a bit then gradually you will get a hold of it. Here, the movement of the controller decides the drone movement. When you tilt, the controller left and right, the quadcopter will also fly accordingly. The same goes with the forward and backward flight. When you are flying it in headless mode, it would be easier without that mode; things might be a bit tricky. Keep in mind, that gravity controllers are more responsive than the conventional controller, so go slow at the starting, and once you get used of the drone handling, then you can increase the speed.

Drone Camera

Eachine E56 selfie drone
The E56 is a nice beginner drone with a 2MP camera capable of taking 720p HD video. The camera is adjustable and you can angle it straight down or tilt it straightforward or anywhere in between. You’ll be able to stream live video from the drone to your smartphone in real time so that you can see what the camera sees. This is done via a WiFi connection. The E56 camera can tilt down 90 degrees for a perspective most starter selfie drones can’t really achieve.

Battery will last you for 7 minutes max on a single charge. It takes around 70 minutes to charge the battery from 0 to 100% using the provided USB charging adapter. Battery doesn’t have to be taken out of the drone in order for it to charge. Charging plug lines up with a hole in the side of the battery slot so that it can be charged even if inserted inside the drone.

Small size

Replaceable battery

HD camera


Adjustable speed

Disconnects at some point

To few image pixels

Eachine E56 selfie drone

The Eachine E56 is a portable selfie drone that is very affordable. You can purchase one for less then a $100. A carrying case comes with the package. It has a HD 720P camera and a foldable design.

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