Eachine H8 Mini Headless Drone – An Absolute Bargain for Beginners

mini drone

Are you just getting started with drone flying? Here’s an advice for you – why not get your hands first on a small, inexpensive drone before upgrading to the more serious bigger drones. After all, as a beginner, the two most important things you’re after is to learn how to fly and get a feel for things, right? Eachine H8 is one mini drone that has the right specs to get you where you want. This feature-packed, sweet-looking little machine is regarded by many as one of the absolute best in its class. Best of all, it comes at a laughably low price, which makes it a real bargain. So, how does it look and feel? What’s more, what features set it apart from other competition? Read more to find out!

mini drone

Eachine H8 Mini Headless Drone – An In-Depth Review

Eachine H8 comes as a complete package. It comprises the quadcopter, transmitter, battery (3.7 V 150MAH), USB charger, 2 replacement props, 4 landing cushions, screwdriver, and a manual.

The quadcopter has a square geometry (13.5 x 13.5 cm), a size small enough to comfortably sit in the palm of your hand. It weighs in at 20g, but with the battery included, you get a take-off weight of 50g, which is quite impressive. Looking at the props, you’ll realize they’re a bit larger than standard nano props for improved stability and flight efficiency.

mini drone

Eachine H8 incorporates a headless flight mode, a unique must-have feature for beginners. This feature comes in handy when the quadcopter is too far to tell the orientation. Plus, it eliminates the need to adjust the drone position before the flight.

The 4-channel transmitter, which produces audible clicks, makes it a breeze to switch to different positions and directions. You can perform a 360-degree rollover, do a flip, or set the drone into spin mode. Also included in the transmitter is a one-press return key that triggers the quadcopter to fly back to its original take-off position. The flight range is up to 30 meters.

mini drone

The drone comes with foam footings for landing cushion. Multicolored LED lights make it easy to fly and locate your aircraft in the dark. Furthermore, the LED lights make for a breathtaking nighttime display.

Despite its ultra-portable design, Eachine H8 gives the battery capacity of most larger drones. You get 5-7 minutes of flight time and a recharge time of 30 minutes. Flashing diodes indicate low battery, giving you 10-15 seconds to act.

mini drone


Eachine H8 offers incredible features for a tiny drone in its price range. It’s a drone that’s small enough for indoor flights and stable enough to handle the light breeze during free outdoor flights. It might lack the fully-fledged features of high-tech drones, but for a beginner, it has all it takes to sharpen your skills and advance to the next level.


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