Fidget cube: The Superb anxiety control toy


The Fidget Cube is a small hand-held device that has sensory tools on all sides: a switch, gears, a rolling metallic ball, a small plastic joystick, a spinning disk, a worry stone, and five buttons. The cube is intended to provide an easy way to occupy one’s hands and other senses, particularly for self-soothing or children who have a tendency to ‘fidget. It has become the most virally explosive items in recent months is the Fidget Cube, a product designed to help students and workers focus and release stress.

Fidget cube
When people become nervous or bored at a desk job or while doing homework, they tend to lose focus on important tasks and procrastinate. Luckily, the Fidget Cube is the simple answer for people who need a little extra motivation to focus or need a relaxing way to detox after a long, hard day.
The Fidget Cube is a small, palm-sized cube with six sides. Each side has a different mechanism to satisfy restlessness or fidgeting.

Description of the cube’s sides

Click Side

One face has five buttons, with one button at each corner and one in the middle of the face, like the “5” side of a standard die. Two of the buttons are silent, two are loud, audible clicks, and the middle button has a quieter click.

Flip Side
A colored rocker switch. On some fidget cubes when the switch is moved quickly it makes a sound whereas if it moved slowly it does not make a sound. The flip switch has a pivot like a miniature see saw which can be fiddled fast for a clicking noise.

Breath Side
An (usually oval) indentation approximately 2–3 mm deep. Intended to be used similarly to a worry stone. This indented face promises to relieve anxiety by rubbing the area with your thumb.

Spin Side
A rotatable disc with a small indentation to help to spin the dial. The disc makes a subtle clicking sound as it spins.
Glide Side
joystick similar to those found on some gamepads.

Roll Side
Contains captive metal ball (similar to a trackball) and three ridged cogs (similar to a combination lock), all of which can be rotated. The ball also produces an audible click if pressed down upon.

It is very affordable

Easy to use


Light in weight

Helps to relief anxiety


Can be addictive

It can be distracting

Fidget cube

The Fidget cube is good for use, but the fidget cubes should be used in moderation, in the right place and right time. If you have anxiety issues, then the Fidget cube is highly recommended for you.

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