A review on Xiaomi FIMI A3 RC Drone


The FIMI Drone camera from Xiaomi has been launched with exclusive features and functionality for capturing images in an essential occasion from a remote place. The drone camera comes at an affordable price for making it available to use for private purposes.QuadcorpterThe camera is convenient and flexible with the most exceptional quality of the picture. It is available in the headless mode, so there is no need to adjust the position of the aircraft before flying. With the feature of one key to return function, makes it easy to find the way to home.

Drone design
Xiaomi is no amateur when it comes to adopting popular designs. The FIMI A3, for its part, is quite similar to the DJI Spark – it is rectangular in shape, with four propellers and a cam at the front. At the bottom, there is the power on/off button, battery and the above mentioned DIY port. The quad measures xQ11.22 x 9.02 x 2.72 inches.

Features of the Xiaomi FIMI A3 RC Drone

Remote Controller

While the more expensive FiMI X8 SE is packed with a monitorless remote controller, the FiMI A3’s transmitter has a built-it 4.3″ FPV screen. Furthermore, it has an integrated DVR which allows to record the journey of your FPV flights. On the bottom part, behind the rubber flap, you can find the micro USB charging port, AV-out jack and micro SD slot. The RC has two antennas: a 2.4GHz one for aircraft control and a 5.8Ghz for the live-video feed. Through the configuration menu you can toggle between Mode 1, Mode 2 and Mode 3 operation modes.
On front panel, besides the usual control sticks and power button, there is a two-position switch (flight mode), RTH button and a five-directional mini joystick. Camera button (photo/video) is located on the backside of the RC.

You have one dial-knob on each upper corner of the remote. While the left dial allows to remotely adjust the pitch angle of gimbal (tilt the camera), the right one can be assigned to adjust EV values or to control the PWM outputs.

The 4.3 inch FPV screen provides detailed flight information (OSD). On the top ribbon are shown the following flight data (from left to right): drone battery voltage, number of satellites, flight mode, recording timer, FPV photo/video mode, FPV & RC signal strength and RC battery voltage. Horizontal velocity, Vertical velocity, Aircraft tail course, Flight distance and flight altitude are shown on the bottom of the screen.

Built-in Battery

The done consists of a Li-Po battery with the capacity of 2000mAh and working time of the battery is about 20-30 min. The applicable battery of the device is 3S, and the charging limit voltage is 12.75V, and the rated voltage is 11.1V.

Full HD aerial photography
The Xiaomi FIMI A3 RC drone comes equipped with a 1080P camera. The cam is powered by Ambarella ISP processor and features a high quality CMOS sensor and is capable of transmitting quality imagery and footage.

True, the drone does not come with a 4K camera like some of the latest quadcopters, but 1080P is a really good offer for the price and a nice spot to get started with aerial photography.

Gimbal Technology
For the presence of gimbal technology, the camera has the controlled rotation scope of 0-90 degrees pitch angle. Along with that, the drone has the 2-axis Gimbal and 3-axis Gimbal with EIS.

Flight experience

A few years ago, flying a quadcopter was about as a complicated as flying a real helicopter. It required complicated controls, a lot of set ups, many practicing hours, patience, and a fair bit of dexterity. Now, you have a much easier job. Practically, even a 5 year kid could pilot this drone. The Xiaomi A3 FiMI drone features 8 different smart flight modes: RTF, Auto take-off, Auto landing, Orbit flight, Follow me, Selfie mode, Headless mode and Fixed-wing mode.
Under the GPS settings menu, you can set few limits: flight velocity, flight altitude, flight distance and RTH altitude. Customizing these settings you can limit the flight field to your yard.

Friendly price tag;
Ready to fly out of the box;
Firmware upgrade support;
Multiple flight modes;
2-axis gimbal and 1080P camera;
Analogue 5.8G FPV instead of WiFi one;
Remote controller with built-in monitor;
Quick release propellers.


FPV screen is hardly visible in strong day light

No micro SD card


The Xiaomi FIMI A3 RC Drone is a 5 star mini drone that can be useful for many purposes. One of which is aerial photography and the good part is that it is very affordable.

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  1. The Fimi A3, which I bought at Banggood, as well as almost all the drones of certain features, is a versatile drone, and that really opened a way, towards stabilized aerial filming, with its excellent quality / price ratio, it was the first drone in around the 200 euros that offered so many possibilities, among them, the possibility of piloting it with fpc glasses at 5.8 Ghz, then its automated flight modes are fantastic easy and intuitive, it is a drone that already brings its own FPV screen, and it does One of the best options on the market, both for filming and for fun, the only problem is its batteries, which I hope will develop with more flight time and better storage. A 100% recommended drone. look where you look at it.

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