3 Must-have Fidget Spinners For The Absolute Experience

Stress spinner

Fidget spinner has caught attention of the millennials for it’s simple design and amazing benefits. It has been marketed worldwide as a product that helps to stay focused and is also useful for solving various health problems like ADHD, nervousness and anxiety.

Fidget spinners amassed greater recognition and popularity in a short time. They are being used not only to relieve stress but also for fun. They can be used almost anywhere and doesn’t require much effort on our part. Watching it spin gives immense satisfaction which adds to it’s charm. It is also called Stress spinner as it calms and relaxes the mind.

Fidget spinner is a toy that has a ball-bearing at the center attached to three( or more) lobes/prongs and it spins on it’s axis. It can be made of plastic or metal ( brass, copper, stainless steel, aluminium etc.) and can be spun on a finger. The center has a groove to comfortably place a finger under it and the center is a bit heavier than the prongs, causing it to spin freely.

Improving on the simple functionality of the basic fidget spinner are more sophisticated and feature-rich models, best of which are-

Stress spinner

1) Flying fidget spinner that returns back to the hand

This product is simply on the next level with an automatic spinning feature. It operates with a chargeable battery. It can be switched on and off and comes with a charging cable.

Switch it on and spin manually to activate motion sensors which causes the device to spin on it’s own. Now throw it in the air while spinning and it will come back to you each time !

It relieves stress and relaxes the mind and is a delight to watch.

Stress spinner

2) ABS Tri spinner with lights for ADHD and Autism

This is another wonderful product that has 18 lights of different colors that create amazing designs each time you spin it. It employs a simple yet fascinating technology to produce the said effects. The patterns can be better viewed in the dark.

It increases attention, focus and reduces stress and anxiety. It is particularly

useful for ADHD, Autism and hair twirling, nail biting and leg bouncing ( common actions caused due to nervousness ) . It is spun manually.

Stress spinner

3) Triangle hand spinner Gyro focus

Specially designed using superhero logos to attract kids, this fidget spinner of 5.5 cm diameter and 1.3 cm thickness can easily fit your pocket. It is made of aluminium alloy and has R188 bearing that provides fast, smooth and long spinning period. It is spun manually and can be controlled with one hand.

It is also useful for adults with ADHD, OCD, smoking habit, anxiety, PTSD and stress.

Stress spinner

Fidget spinner is gaining more and more fans with time and there is so much craze for this awesome toy that people are coming out with creative ideas of their own, making it more fun and interesting. Try one and experience the joy !



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