The Review of Husban X4 RC Quadcopter

RC Quadcopter

Are you looking for a fast, agile, inexpensive micro-quadcopter? Then your search ends when you bump into the newest entrant in the drone market. Husban X4 RC quadcopter is undeniably a perfect option for anyone who wants to explore the world through drones. Being an inexpensive model of a modern quadcopter, it can be described as a perfect blend of agility and awe-inspiring functionality and modern architecture that any drone lover would wish for. That is just one reason why the drone is increasingly popular across the world within a very short time span. Its agility makes it suitable for indoor flying and coupled with super functional features such as LED lights, so you are sure to enjoy yourself even in extremely dark environments.

RC Quadcopter

Recently, I have the experience of flying this drone, and for sure I can’t help but keep on flying it time and again. Controlling this amazing device is unbelievably easy, which gives you more relaxation time. That means more time to enjoy yourself, so you cannot get bored easily. Now, let us deep into what makes it this amazing.

RC Quadcopter


Unboxing and Look

Husban X4 RC Quadcopter comes in a 28.4*28*9.3 cm smart package. The box is usually secured using a seal that has a serial number embedded on it. Buyers should ensure that this seal is not broken. So, what is in the shipping box?

-1 Husban X4 RC Quadcopter

-Eight rotor blades

-1 USB cable

-1 610 mAh Li-PO battery

-8 blade crews(self-locking) and,

-A 2.4 GHz FVP transmitter plus an LCD screen

RC Quadcopter

After opening the box, you will find the golden black-colored quadcopter, which comes in a desirable size of 311*311*70 mm,  and it weighs 410 gm. You will also find the accessories listed above.


The controller

Husban X4 RC quadcopter comes with a controller that fits well in the hand to give you comfort while you fly the drone, and it makes you feel like you are holding a gaming console controller. For the best user experience, the transmitter has a trim for throttle adjustments that enable the drone to move along up and down axes. The LCD screen allows you to adjust the flight mode and settings. It means that you can increase or reduce its performance as you wish.

These are features that you can’t find in many other quadcopters.


Charging and Flight time

The quadcopter’s battery is charged by connecting the device to the USB Charger that it comes with. When the LED shows a red color, it indicates that the device is still charging. But as soon as the red LED light turns off, it indicates that you are now ready to go. At this instance, you just need to plug in the battery after the maximum 30 minutes of complete charging and then you can fly your drone.

RC Quadcopter


As I said earlier, this drone is quite agile and its flight performance is surprising. It has no delay and thus moves faster.

The device itself has two in-built flight modes:  the low flight mode and the expert mode. The latter is more exciting.

Finally, the architecture of this drone is also amazing. It feels like its designers knew that you would possibly crash the quadcopter a few times, and that is why they picked a little design for more robustness and tolerance to crashes.



-It is a small, easy-to-fly little drone. This zippy quadcopter offers its end user much elusive performance that they look for in droves.

-Since it is made from durable materials, it can withstand hard crashes. Its little design offers it robustness to crashes,

-Spare parts are readily available. When you break any part, you just need to order its spare part anytime.

-It’s relatively cheap. Considering its amazing functionality,


-This drone flies for about 5 minutes, which is relatively short flight time.

-Expert mode is advanced and can, therefore, be hard to master

-Low-quality camera. The drone’s camera does not take great pictures, but it is an amazing device, however.



The Husband X4 RC Quadcopter is an excellent option for a drone. It is a perfect blend of high-quality architecture, overall functionality, and high responsiveness. And since it retails at a very low price, you can be assured to grab it from the stores anytime you wish without breaking a bank.

When you go shopping for a nimble and quick quadcopter, look for this Husban X4 RC Quadcopter because it is the perfect option for everyone right now. Over to you!

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