Eachine H8 Mini Drone: The Perfect Toy

mini drone

The Eachine H8 is a drone that’s likely to surprise you. Even at $12, this quadcopter is worth every penny and is best suited for those who don’t necessarily need a camera with their quadcopter. If you’re new to drones, looking to buy a gift for your child, or are just looking for a great drone to have in your arsenal, you will have no regrets with the Eachine H8 Mini drone. This drone is great for a wide number of reasons.

Mini drone

It’s small and can be flown both in your bedroom or right in your backyard. It has a one press automatic return with 4 led lighting that makes it easier to know where your drone is at anytime of the day. It is sturdy and tough and able to sustain crashes unlike other quadcopters in this price range. Last of all, not only is the Eachine H8 Mini highly responsive and easy to control, but uses Headless Mode allowing you to take off without worrying what direction your quadcopter is taking off at.

Mini drone


It seems that with every new mini drone released, there is an improvement in both features and performance. The Eachine H8 however, is not only a great performing “machine,” but is possibly the best and most favorited quadcopter in its price range. Usually, when we first begin to experience a quadcopter that is priced under $20, we can almost expect beforehand that they’re likely not going to last very long. And while that used to be a reasonable expectation, that seems to no longer be the case, because now with the Eachine H8, you do not only get to experience a great flying experience, but one that will sustain just about any crash, despite it’s miniature size and low price.

Mini drone

Specifications and Dimensions

The Eachine H8, is a drone that fits right in the palm of your hands. The quadcopter comes in at just 5.3 x 5.3 inches and weighs in just less than 1 pound.

Yet despite its small size the Eachine H8 remains capable of flying up to 7 minutes at a 30 meter range. Even with its small size, the Eachine H8 has a variety of great features, making it an attractive drone and toy for many.

 Durability, Control and Flight

One of the reasons the Eachine H8 is being rated so highly is, because it flies very smoothly proving itself to be a stable, reliable, fast drone capable of handling all sorts of flips. For its size, the Eachine H8 goes a long way in providing a quality flying experience, while being tough and sturdy for its size. This is hugely essential for any quadcopter weighing less than a pound.

Mini drone

When it comes to the controls, they are so simple and great for beginners and in addition, is a drone able to be flown both indoors and outdoors. An awesome feature included with the controls is the one press automatic return, allowing the quadcopter to automatically return you no matter where you are, helping to avoid potential loss. The Eachine H8 Mini also includes 4 led lights allowing you to fly it at night with ease. All in all, the controls are easy and responsive.

Mini drone

Last important thing to mention with the Eachine H8 is its headless mode. The headless mode is a great feature because what it does is it allows you to fly your quadcopter without having to pre-adjust its position. What this means is because quadcopters don’t have much of a front or rear end, it’s tough to tell where the front end goes before flying. With the Eachine H8 Mini, headless mode allows you to forgo this prerequisite allowing you take off to the skies in any which way you want.

Mini drone

Features overview

  • Uses a 6-axis system
  • Able to fly both indoors & outdoors
  • Various control capability: 4-way flips (left, right, forwards, and backwards) and 360 degree rolling
  • Headless Mode

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