Eachine EX2 RC Quadcopter Unboxing and Review

mini drone

Quadcopters have been around for a while now and people have found some creative ways to use them. From dangling spooky costumes to creating spectacular light shows, people are using these pieces of technology for a myriad of creative, fun, and valuable purposes. Currently, the market is flooded with quadcopters for many brands, making your choice to pick a good one quite difficult. That is why we decided to do the legwork for you and show you one quadcopter we highly recommend. The Eachine EX2 mini RC drone. Some like to call it a mini drone even. We will leave the naming to you.

mini drone

Unboxing and review

Let us see what you get when you open up the box. We actually enjoy the unboxing process. The whole sequence from getting our hands on a pristine box and just opening it to reveal its contents is satisfying.

We are going to pay the same attention to this gadget.

After taking out the protective polystyrene wrap, we saw a wonderful sight before us; placed right on top of other contents was out quadcopter.

Beneath the quadcopter, you will discover all the essential accessories. You have its Lipo battery and the charger. You get four blade guards that protect the quadcopter’s propellers in case of an impact. The box also comes with a nice screw set (with a screwdriver, we might add).

You will also receive the headgear. Wear the headset and you will be able to view through the quadcopter’s front camera. That is some fairly good front person perspective.

As a package, Eachine provides with all the tools to have a lot of fun. And that is exactly what we

aim to do; have tons of fun using this cool quadcopter.

mini drone

Now let us move on to the review.

Overall, we found ourselves liking the overlook and feel of the quadcopter. You will not find any carbon fiber parts, which enhance the durability of many quadcopters. However, at such a price point, the quality of the EX2 is still good, with its plastic parts.

We were not a strong fan of the camera. Again, we do understand that we cannot expect an HD camera slotted to the mini-drone. We were still hoping for something with a little more image quality.

mini drone

The FPV goggles, on the other hand, are comfortable to use. We found that it fit snugly on our heads. The strap is designed to cushion our head and you will not experience the uncomfortable feeling of the strap pressing in on you.

The quadcopter itself is a joy to handle. It is agile enough to satisfy a whole range of people. You

could be a casual user introducing yourself to the quadcopter world or you could be a longtime user. The quadcopter works smoothly without any hiccups. We do wish it were a little faster, but that is a minor drawback.

However, a point to note here is that because of its small size, it is suitable for indoors or on

calm days.

mini drone

Getting started on the quadcopter

To begin using it, ensure that you have attached the propeller guards and inserted the battery in

the slots provided.

You then have to bind the remote controller to the quadcopter. To achieve this, simply turn on the RC while you press down on the “Lock” button.

Once you have achieved that, you are ready to go. You have two toggles like all quadcopters. One to control altitude while the other maintains direction.

You are now ready to fly!

Final words

The drone is compact and the FPV (first-person view) system is incredible to use. You also receive a buzzer that you can use to alert nearby folks (or sneak up on them). Transmitter provides you with low battery and out-of-range indications, so you will not be flying around without knowing the quadcopter’s limits.



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