Syma X21 Drone Quadcopter- One Of the Best Drones Currently in The Market


Manufactured by Syma, one of the biggest and the most famous Chinese brands, Syma X21 is a brand new mini quadcopter featuring one key return, headless mode, altitude hold and approximately five minutes of flight time. However, as compared to other models, it does not have a camera and remote control.



Among the items included are

  • Transmitter.
  • Quadcopter.
  • USB Charging cable.
  • Spare Propeller.
  • Screwdriver.


The design

Featuring a nice X shape and a slightly falter body, the design of Syma X21 Drone Quadcopter is quite small. On top of it, there is a button that you can always use to turn it off and on. This new design also has plug and play batteries, no screw propellers, power button at the top. As compared to other models you’ll realize that there are a few notable changes.


It comes with an automatic takeoff and landing

Apart from its most prominent features such as altitude hold and headless mode, Syma X21 quadcopter has an automatic takeoff and landing with just tap of a button. It is one of the best features among kids and beginners.


An adopted 2.4- technology

Having an adopted 2.4 technology, the drone is not only easy but also very stable to play. The feature also protects it from any interference from other transmitters and drones. More so, its fast and slow speed function makes it easy to control.

LED Lights and3D FLIPS

Its 3D functions will allow you to exploit more exciting actions. Besides, the LED Lights will make it an eye-catching drone especially during the night.


Headless mode and Altitude Hold

It has a headless mode that eliminates any difference in the direction, which means the direction will be the same,  hence making it easier for directional control.

Overcurrent and low voltage protection

When its battery is low,  its indicator lights will start flashing so as to remind you to call it back. In case it encounters any emergencies that might prevent it from working it will immediately go into overcurrent protection mode.



The drone is powered by 380 mAh lipo battery that will provide you with a flight time of around 5 minutes. However, it’s important to note that it does have a removable battery


  • It’s very much suitable for beginners.
  • It provides long time flights.
  • With great control, it flies super smooth.
  • It comes with rubber landing pads
  • It has altitude hold feature.
  • It has nice bright colours.
  • Its colour is not only beautiful but rich red.


  • It has an odd blemish on its chassis.


Overall,  it is not a bad quadcopter. Since it does not come with their transmitter, you will be surprised that it’s priced so low. However, it does not have a removable battery, which makes it bad for an experienced person who may want to swap the batteries. At its price it’s not a bad looking unit, so you can’t go wrong with it.

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