Foxeer V3 Predator: The FPV Camera That Meets ALL Expectations


If you are a member of the 21st century, you know how popular drones are. With ease and speed, they offer dynamic cinematography and breathtaking aerial photography. What makes drones capable of this feature are good quality cameras. Cameras that are small, lightweight and take amazing pictures are crucial for any device. Foxeer is one brand that offers various cameras that fit this criterion. And now it has made a new addition to its list: Foxeer V3 Predator.


Is the V3 Predator Worth Your Time and Money?

The V3 Predator meets all expectations when it comes to the quality of images and videos it produces. It is indeed an upgrade from its predecessors, V2 and V1. It offers both broadcasting formats, PAL and NTSC. You can choose between PAL running at 50 fps or NTSC running at 60 fps and have greater control over the colour coding of your display. This way you can alter how your image looks visually. This camera offers great quality images as it has a resolution of 1000 TVL and no Jello. It also has an enhanced wide dynamic range function, so your first-person view with the V3 Predator becomes crystal clear.


This Foxeer camera is built to provide ease. Its on-screen display on monitor or goggles does not fall short of anything. With a latency of only 4ms, you will see what your device sees almost simultaneously, which allows for real-time videography with greater ease.

The V3 Predator gives you an array of customizing features to choose from. It includes fun options such as image flip and an LED display that can be changed between off, mid and dark. It also has a switchable multifunctional bracket. You can choose between the standard that is 28 inches and mini that is 21 inches, according to your need and preference. It has a separate harness for video and on-screen display. Again, giving you more options to choose from so everything comes down to what you prefer or are in the mood for.


The V3 Predator comes in four interesting colours – black, purple, blue and red. So, you can choose a colour that goes with your drone/device, or one that you simply fancy. Another feature that sets this camera apart is that it can operate in not one, not two and not even three but SEVEN different languages which include English, Espanol (Spanish), Chinese, Portuguese, Francais (French), Deutsch (German) and Pyccknn (Russian). And this way, this camera by Foxeer caters to a diverse and wide international market.



Overall, this product is reasonably priced and offers a variety of features that you can choose between. Your displays are not limited to one or two functions, but you can interchange and switch things up! This camera is worth every penny as it provides pictures and videos of great quality, all the while giving you maximum control!

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