Guidelines to Prolonging 18650 Battery Life

18650 Battery

A battery plays an important role in ensuring any battery reliant gadget works well. The electrical energy produced by the battery helps in propelling the gadget to work more effectively. The batteries types can be different from each other depending on their performance or power produced. 18650 Battery is one of the best battery that is invented in the present day. High demand for the battery has made it scarce.  Therefore, it is hard for you to come across one. The 18650 batteries are more reliable compared to other batteries. The batteries can last for a long time due to its high density. The 18650 Battery lifespan can be prolonged with little maintenance that you can manage. The following tips will guide you on how to prong your 18650 battery life.

 18650 Battery

How to Prolong the Life of a 18650 Battery

Optimize temperature

Regulated temperature helps the batteries life prolong. High temperatures can destroy your battery making it to age faster. Therefore,  if you need the battery to serve you for a long time, never expose it to the hot environment.

The battery also should not be charged when below freezing point. Charging below freezing point plays an active role in downsizing its lifespan. Always charge and use the battery when at room temperature.

 18650 Battery

Don’t overcharge

It is better for you to do a partial charge of your battery to maintain its life cycle. As much as overcharging can increase the capacity of your battery, it completely kills its lifespan.

Don’t let your batteries discharge

Make sure that your battery does not drain low. When it does its efficiency is highly reduced. When your battery charge level drops below to 30% more often kills its performance level. Therefore you should always be on the lookout to ensure that your battery doesn’t discharge down below the required threshold.

 18650 Battery

Increase your cut-off voltage

Increasing your cut-off voltage will help in reducing stress on your battery, which involves practising partial charge and partial discharge. Even if your battery is rated highly never attempt to discharge it way below 2.8V. Doing this considerably increases the life cycle of your battery.

Learn about your 18650 battery life cycle

A cycle can be counted when a battery is charged and discharged. The capacity of a cell plays an important role in determining the life cycle of the battery. 18650 batteries have a life cycle of 300 to 500, which can be maintained through controlled charge and discharge. You should, therefore, reduce the draining capacity of your cell to give it more life.

 18650 Battery

Using 18650 Battery for a long time saves you from making a lot of trips to purchase more batteries. Following the highlighted step above diligently will ensure that you achieve maximum success from your 18650 batteries. For more 18650 batteries, please check here.

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