Gifting Ideas for Kids: RC Drift Cars

RC drift cars

With advanced technology, the market has come with new and amazing products for both kids and adults. Basing on the current states of the economy, the manufactures consider the budget. They also put the users’ experience into consideration before producing quality products. One of such products is the RC drift cars presented in different types. They have fascinating features, so you cannot miss them this Christmas to take home.

 RC drift cars

Top 3 best that you can never miss

Wltoys K969

Features: Premium cut pistons, Anodized aluminium threaded shock bodies, fully tunable independent suspension and oil filled shocks.

The chassis has powerful motor and high-quality electronics for support. To maintain a constant direct connection with the vehicle and to tune out to any interference, it has come with an Automatic Frequency Hoping System, an important feature in racing since other cars are fitted with their radio system.

To cater for the weight, carbon fibre is used to make the upper and the lower chassis plates. For creating a spectacular experience and holding the extreme drift angles, the special drift tires are used. The well-developed shock system helps to avoid any damage as a result of collisions and bumps.

 RC drift cars

Firelap L-408G6

Features: Waterproof ESC, front and rear differentials, quick change battery holder, bathtub chassis and double wishbone suspension.

The car is easy to drive, and it does not require any assembly. All you need is simply charging it.

It does not require too much maintenance regarding protection. To keep the dust and dirt out of gears, it has an enclosed drivetrain. From various crashes, a foam bumper is used to protect against damage.

The car comes with standard mounting points, thus making it possible to change the body or customize it at will when it comes to any possibilities of upgrading.


 RC drift cars

Diecast Drift RC Car

Features: It has oil filled shocks, CNC aluminium motor mount, foam bumper and LED headlights.

It is a great budget choice. Due to the tremendous attention to the observable details, the car is interesting and attractive. For improved stability when taking sharp angled corners while racing or drifting, the car has a wide stance and a low centre of gravity.

If need be, the car is easy to upgrade. It is the best car when it comes to fun and value for the money. The LED headlights form an impressive detail, and the car is powerful also.

 RC drift cars

Therefore, as a beginner or an expert, the best car that considers one’s pocket and caters for one’s fun satisfaction is the RC Drift car. Why not surprise kids this Christmas with this golden product? For more RC cars, please check here.

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