Arrow Micro Pro from Foxeer: The New Game changer in Drone Camera


In this era of digital advancement, remote-controlled aircraft are taking the technology world by storm. They offer a lot of benefits whether for security, business, or adventure purposes. RC aircraft are superb, but most times the camera quality is a big let-down with many cheap and poor camera with low resolution and yet exorbitant prices.

Do you employ the use of RC aircraft in your business, professional or daily life, but the poor camera resolution coupled with low battery life constantly gives you a headache? Worry no more, Foxeer as one of the leading lightweight camera manufacturers has come up with yet another fantastic camera called Arrow Micro Pro.


About Arrow Micro Pro from Foxeer

Arrow Micro Pro is a super micro size and ultra-light FPV CCD Camera with an amazing resolution of 600TVL with an outstanding OSD. Spotting an upgraded 2.11 resolution, Arrow Micro Pro gives you a brighter image processing with better saturation and superior video quality that stands shoulder above the rest.

With a fantastic on-screen display, you can enjoy better customization from the navigation menu, giving you different options to choose from.

Despite all its superior features, Arrow Micro Pro is relatively lightweight and portable in size weighing just 6.1g.

Another unique advantage that Arrow Micro Pro possesses over its rivals is the voltage adjustment which ranges from 5 -40V guaranteeing a longer battery life.


Why you should Buy Arrow Micro Pro

Do you demand a high performance using a lightweight camera that doesn’t sacrifice the quality? Arrow Micro Pro from Foxeer with its incredible specs has many benefits compared to the others. They include:

1. Superior Camera Quality

Fancy a clean shot with maximum saturation, and enhanced video quality? Then go for Arrow Micro Pro. It leads the way regarding better image processing and transition from light to darkness.

2. High Customization

What can be better than the ability to modify your camera to your taste? With the dynamic OSD, you can explore many options switching away from the default setting. You can edit your name and select your preferred weather mode.


3. Ofoxeer	n-Screen Display

With a sizeable on-screen display, you can easily see all the information about your camera; from the customized name to the flying time, power, and battery life.

4. Better Value for Money

Despite all its amazing features, Arrow Micro Pro offers the best value for money when it comes to performance and display. With the price ranging from $17 – $20, this is probably the best camera that you will get for that meagre price

5. Durability

Weighing 6.0g and rocking metal mounting thread, Arrow Micro Pro can withstand harsh weather condition; whether you are flying it in the winter, summer or autumn, you can rest assured that it will serve you for a very long time



Selecting your FPV camera can be tricky, but with these amazing specs, Arrow Micro Pro from Foxeer is definitely your best choice, no competitor comes close. For more details about it, please check here.

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