Wltoys 10428a Racing Car

wltoys 10428a

This is a type of RC car that has great performance. It can be used in any type of road such as muddy roads, tarmac roads, grass etc. This type of RC car is currently trending in the market because of its wonderful design. Its features will always offer you the best entertainment you ever experienced. In this review, therefore, we will focus on its features, advantages, and benefits of this type of RC car called Wltoys 10428a.

wltoys 10428a


Wltoys 10428a weighs 2744g and its dimension measures 42.5 by 25.5 by 20.5cm. It is also blue in color and has a scale proportion of 1/10 which is ideal for any RC thus it is very real. It also provides you with an opportunity to choose between two-speed gears that are inbuilt in it.

Wltoys 10428a also has a four-wheel drive vehicle and can travel a distance of about 100 meters that is remotely controlled. Besides, it has a frequency of 2.4GHz and has an inbuilt lipo battery of capacity 7.4V 2200MAh that takes a maximum of four hours to charge and has a usage time of 20 minutes

Wltoys 10428a also has high moment motors and its wheels are independent suspension type of system. This ensures that the RC car is highly stable no matter the terrain you are in. Besides, Wltoys 10428a racing car has a wheelbase of about 286mm and can attain a maximum speed of 30km/h and its transmitter channel is about 4CH.

Advantages of Wltoys 10428a

Wltoys 10428a has a high speed because of its high moment 540 motors. Besides, it is very durable because of its body that has a lot of strength. In addition, Wltoys 10428a racing car is able to move through muds easily because of its high-grip tires. Also, its frequency of 2.4GHz and transmitter channel of 4CH provides you with a full control over the 100m distance that it can cover. Moreover, its wonderful suspension system provides you with a great trafficability potential. Moreover, this Wltoys 10428a racing car is very powerful because of its high quality.

Benefits Wltoys 10428awltoys 10428a

Wltoy 10428a racing car is beneficial to people who have little knowledge in mechanics because it is usually fully assembled and ready to be raced. It is also beneficial to those people who like racing at night because it has LED light. Wltoys 10428a is also beneficial to those people who like racing in muddy and rocky surfaces because it has a four wheel drive and is also very stable.


As you have seen, Wltoys 10428a is of highly designed which makes it heavy but also of high quality. With it, you can race in all places hence you are never limited to any terrain experience. This makes this RC Wltoys 10428a the best in the market hence you should buy it!

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